Premium Range of Combi Ovens by Häfele

Our modern and busy lifestyles demand multi-functionality from everyone and everything around us. It is just not enough to have a master of one, we need a jack of all trades! Keeping this in mind, Häfele brings to you Combi-ovens from its Premium Range of Appliances which combine the standard technology of an oven with added modes of steam or microwave to give you better cooking, baking, and steaming results.  

Going beyond the conventional oven cooking method, Combi-ovens pack two or more cooking styles in one appliance, making it a highly diverse option and a space-saving solution. Depending on the added functionality, different types of combi-ovens serve different purposes thereby expanding your spectrum of culinary possibilities. A combi-steam oven blends the convection oven cooking function with steam to provide you with a cleaner, nutritious, and healthier lifestyle.

A combi microwave oven, on the other hand, provides a perfect balance between the two cooking methods i.e. a conventional oven (heating outside to inside) and microwave (heating inside to outside) reducing cooking time yet retaining the flavors and texture of food. The range also has an oven with all three modes, talk about a well-rounded performance!  All Combi-ovens from Häfele’s Premium Appliances range come with an intuitive touch panel for easy control, an auto menu that lets even novices pull off impressive dishes, and multiple cooking levels to get more work done in a shorter time. Featuring numerous cooking and combination modes for different food items, cuisines, and capacities (34 to 77 liters), Häfele’s Range of Combi-ovens offers something to chefs and beginners alike.  

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