Let’s Plan a Weekend trip from Hot to Cold Explore Shimla

Let’s Plan a Weekend trip from Hot to Cold Explore Shimla

Let’s Plan a Weekend trip from Hot to Cold Explore Shimla As we all know that the weather is getting hotter day by day in Delhi NCR and many other cities, in such a situation we all plan a weekend with our family or Friends. So, “Why not we plan for Shimla”.

Shimla is largest and best hill station in India .

Shimla also Charms visitors by its Himalayan Views and enchanting waterfall .Shimla is famous for

Many Temples , Mall Road ( having shopping Complex ), Summer Hills, the scandal Point , Chadwick falls and many more.

About Shimla

In 1864  Shimla was declared as the Summer Capital of India . After Independence, Shimla became the capital of Punjab, after which it was named the capital of Himachal Pradesh. It was Summer Capital during the British Rule it connect several hills and several Ridges.

How to Visit Shimla

Let’s Plan a Weekend trip from Hot to Cold Explore Shimla

Organized a group of 3 or more people to travel to Shimla and other interesting places in Shimla.

Best time or Best month to visit in Shimla is March ,April and May and Late September ,October and November but in Winter it will get very cold avoid to visit in winter days with children’s or If you are going getting pack with layers of cloth and a warm coat.

Things to do in Shimla – Best Summer Retreat For you

Go for Trekking in Shimla

Cottage stay in the Woods of Shimla

Camping in Shimla


Indulge in River Rafting

Hike to Jakhoo Hills

Shopping at Lakkar Bazaar

Shopping at Mall Road

Cycling in Shimla Water Catchment

Natural Ice Skating in Shimla

Places to Visit In Shimla – Shimla Famous Places

Shimla is a tourist place it has lots of places to visit for tourist with friends or with family  .

  1. Jakhu Hanuman Temple –  Jakho Temple is an Old Temple in Shimla , Himachal Pradesh, India it belongs to Hindu deity Lord Hanuman . It is situated at Jakhu Hills which is Shimla’s  Highest peak 2.5 km east of the ridge at a height of 2455 m(8054ft) above sea level . According to Ramayana, Hanuman ji took that rest when he went to collect Sanjeevani herb.
Let’s Plan a Weekend trip from Hot to Cold Explore Shimla jakhu hanuman temple

2.The Mall – The Mall is famous for hangout and it has shopping complex in Shimla . The shops and stores in Mall Road is famous for woolen clothes, artificial jewelries and exclusively handcrafted works .It has many shops for wooden antiques and wooden articles. The Mall road is also famous for its food . It has many shops who sells yummy and Tasty foods.

Let’s Plan a Weekend trip from Hot to Cold Explore Shimla - THE MALL

3.Tara Devi Temple – Tara Devi Temple was constructed around 250 years ago .It is famous among tourist because of its clean and fresh atmosphere it help tourist to relax from there day today life  .

4. Viceregal Lodge : – It is also Known as Rahtrapati Niwas . It was initially constructed as the summer abode of the British viceroys and Afterwards utilized as the summer haven for the President of India. The Viceregal Lodge is known for its British Architectural Design , Cabining both stone and wood elements.

5.The Ridge :- The Ridge is center point of all cultural activities of Shimla. It is situated near to Mall Road . The Ridge is a Large space road  situated in Shimla. It joins to scandal point on the west side and on the east side lakkar bazaar is situated which is famous ad wooden Crafts market in Shimla.  The Ridge is also Known as face of Hill station of Shimla .

6.Christ Church :- Christ Church is an oldest church in Shimla it is 6227 ft above sea level .It is constructed in the Neo – Gothic style.

7.Kali Bari Temple :- . Kali Bari is an Hindu temple it is situated on Ban tony Hill, Shimla .It was built on 1845 by Bengali Brahmin “Ram Charan Brahmacharini “ . It is famous for Fearsome reincarnation of goddess Kali, Shyamala. Opening Time for this temple is 6 am to 7pm entry fee for this temple is free .Best time to visit in October to May

8.Shimla Heritage Museum  : – It is a Heritage museum it is famous for its rare artefacts, paintings, sketches and pictures highlighting the places and pictures of shimla .It is also called as Army Heritage Museum.

9.Reserve Forest Centaury :- It is a sanctuary it is an ideal destination for nature wildlife enthusiast  IT is a home to animals such as deer, leopards  and many more. It is reserved to be Asia’s largest Watershed.

10.Kufri Fun World : – Kufri Fun world is an adventure for you. Kufri fun world is an amusement Park It is featuring a number of rides for kids and worlds highest go -kart track .it is good for kids and adults too . Kufri fun world having a canteen also where you can stop and eat some food and snacks .

11.Jakhu Ropeway :- Jakhu Ropeway is cable car in Shimla Ropeway gives you an amazing Views of Himalayan Hills. Timing for Ropeway 9:30 am to 5pm.Ticket Price of Ropeway For Adult INR Rs. 250. Children below 3 year Free and children 3 to 12 Years INR 200. ONE WAY PRICES.

12.Shimla water catchment wildlife  Centaury :- Shimla water catchment wildlife century is blessed with an infinite variety of flora and fauna provided by Mother Nature. Tourist come to this place to enjoy nature and wildlife. It provide best sighting for common and rare wildlife and it is also major source to supply water in city.

13.Laxmi Narayan Temple : – Laxmi Narayan temple was built by Raja Sahil verman in 10th century. The temple is situated in the town chamba it has a very beautiful entrance with beautiful god carving of various Hindu gods and goddesses. Walls of temple is painted with the scene of hindu mythology. The annual festival of Sui Mata, celebrated with immense fervour and enthusiasm, revolves around the Lakshmi Narayan Temple The Festival is dedicated to the princess sui , who sacrifice her life to save her kingdom from a flood. The festivities embody a commemoration of sacrifice and devotion, characterized by vibrant processions, musical performances, dance, and communal feasting.

Best Place for Paragliding in Shimla

Best Place for paragliding in Shimla is Shivpuri the height of flight is 3200 ft. Observing the mountains and the lush green landscape from such a height provides an exhilarating experience – flight duration 15 minutes. Paragliding comes in 2 varieties      

  1. Paragliding : It comes for Rs. 2850 and includes 7 to 12 mins of Joyride and aerial view of Shimla .
  2. Paragliding with Photos and Videos : It comes for INR 3350 and includes 7 to 12 Min rides.

Other Location for Paragliding is Bir Billing 

It Is located in the Kangra valley it is among the top 5 places of paragliding in the world the height of the flight is 8000 ft above the sea level.

  • Location: Located west of Joginder Nagar Valley in Himachal Pradesh .
  • Price: INR 3,000 for approx. 15 to 30 min flight. (prices may change at the time of booking)
  • Timing: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Paragliding Tips for Shimla Adventure:

1.If you have vertigo or any physical conditions, it’s best to avoid paragliding.

2.Bundle up with woollen clothes as it can get chilly at higher altitudes. opt for wind-proof heavy jackets for added warmth.

3.Wear comfortable shoes suitable for trekking up mountains and providing good grip.

4.Apply sunscreen before embarking on your paragliding adventure to shield yourself from the sun’s rays.

5.Note the weight limit for paragliding, typically between 15 to 95 kg.

6.Consider paying extra for capturing photos and videos of your paragliding experience.

7.Always heed the instructions provided by the activity organizers to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. While paragliding involves some risks, adhering to guidelines enhances safety and fun.

Place to visit for River Rafting : –

You can do River rafting in tattapani , Shimla .The package for river rafting include all safety equipment’s required for the rafting activity . Price of River Rafting Is between Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 per person .

Best Camping in Shimla  – Approx 2 hr drive will take you to Vanvaas Camp.

Other camps are situated in Shoghi, name of some camps snow trail camps, Mashobra green camps , Hail Himalayas Camps, Red  wood camps and many more.

Best Resorts and Hotels in Shimla

  1. Kamna Hills Resort( 4 star )  –  Located at 444J +PMQ GAHAN, SUMMER HILL SHIMLA , HIMACHAL PRADESH 171005  approx. Room price is Rs.2000 – 3000 INR
  2. Sterling Legacy Shimla ( 4 star ) – situated in Shimla city center their room rates are starting from Rs. 4000 to 10000 you can online travel apps for best offer .
  3. Snow Valley Resorts Shimla  ( 4 Star ) – situated at Ghora chowki Shimla , Himachal Pradesh 171004
  4. Royal Retreat – Luxury Hotel in Shimla  – situated Near , 5 Dingle  Estate , Victory Tunnel , Shimla , Himachal Pradesh  171003 .
  5. The Jakhoo Crest  – situated in 5 Benches , near BSNL office Housing Board colony , Jakhu , Shimla , Himachal Pradesh 171001

You can also book resorts from various websites https://www.holidify.com/places/shimla/


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