‘Lassis of India – Smoothies With a Twist’ wins ‘Best in the World 2020’ at Gourmand World Awards 2020

The book ‘Lassis of India- Smoothies With a Twist’ by Mrs. Radha Bhatia wins ‘Best in the world 2020’award in the category ‘Drinks with no alcohol’, Food & Drink Culture at the coveted Gourmand World Award. The book previously was the winner from India in the Gourmand World Awards in the category ‘Non Alcoholic Drinks’.

The author is an entrepreneur in the travel and trade domain for the last 45 years & decided to write a book on Lassis of India to reach out to the younger generation that is influenced by the western culture and always talked about smoothies. To encourage the children to read the book it has been titled- ‘Lassis of India- Smoothies With a Twist’. Mrs. Bhatia is passionate about Indian culture and cooking, and hence decided to write this book starting with ‘Panchamrit’ and it’s historical background.

The book is a compilation of 74 recipes curated by Mrs. Bhatia, which includes traditional recipes from different states of India to modern-day smoothies. The book is just not a compilation of recipes but is a grandmothers labour of love. Mrs. Bhatia has included five generations of stories, wisdom, and kitchen secrets in her book. The book is an amalgamation of recipes and stories and has undergone extensive research that explores Indian cultural roots, local customs, climate , and cuisines, featuring a compilation of 17 traditional recipes from various states blending with the local food and climate. The traditional recipes comprise of the ever-popular Punjabi ‘Meethi Lassi’ to the ‘Talicha More’ of Tamil Nadu- each with their unique taste and health benefits

The other 57 recipes are lassis with a twist – prepared with herbs, fruits and nuts, which appeal to a younger generation, keeping the taste buds of children in mind. Since these lassis, or smoothies, are freshly prepared and don’t have any harmful preservatives, they are tasty as well as healthy. All the recipes in the book are simple to follow and intended for those who love to cook at home.

By  spreading  the  word  about  these healthy beverages,  Mrs. Bhatia hopes  to  pass  on  this priceless legacy to the new generation and help them live a healthier life.

The book has become particularly meaningful in the current Covid pandemic since the traditional recipes contain herbs and spices that are natural immunity boosters. Parents can encourage children to try out these simple, health enriching recipes with ingredients that are readily available in every Indian kitchen. This will not only keep them engaged, but also help them develop a taste for healthy beverages.

The book has been published by Om Books International.

About the author

A successful entrepreneur running several multifaceted businesses is just one of the many roles that Mrs. Radha Bhatia has been juggling for decades. A wife, mother, grandmother, champion of women empowerment, she’s also an accomplished cook who was taught to cook by her grandmother. Being from a generation that has seen bigger changes than any other, she has managed to embrace the new without feeling the need to let go all that is good of the old. So, she’s equally at ease looking up recipes on her iPad as she is preparing them in the ‘handi’ her grandmother presented her when she first began cooking 65 years ago.  This book is a result of her passion for cooking, concern for health of her loved ones, and the urge to pass on some of the good things she grew up enjoying.

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