Morning Fresh introduces its new line of products – Morning Fresh POP

Morning Fresh – India’s first natural hangover detox drink has been a boon to many of us. It comes in multiple flavours and in convenient sized bottles that you can slip into your bag, pocket or even keep by your bed side. One shot of this drink at night has been the answer to a perfectly balanced personal and professional life. The drink has been a huge hit in the Indian market, becoming a must-have for countless party-goers. Following its phenomenal success, the company has launched a brand new line of products in the market- Morning Fresh Pop.

Morning Fesh Pop comes in ready-to-drink sachets which contain all the goodness of the existing beverages in terms of detoxification and providing anti-oxidants, vitamins and proteins. However, this line also has the benefits of additional electrolytes that will help improve hydration after a night out and also helps calm down the stomach after an onslaught of alcohol. All one has to do is mix one sachet of it into a glass of water and drink it before bed. These are especially handy to      stock-up on in case of emergencies and the sachets are also purse-friendly! This new range contains Vitamin C – a strong antioxidant that can strengthen your body’s natural defenses, Mulberry Extract – a powerful antioxidant that contains polyphenols and flavonoids that boosts immunity, and Silk Protein from the ahimsa silk that actively supports liver function and helps your body metabolise alcohol and flush it. It comes in three delightful flavours – Orange, Lime and Strawberry or an assortment of all three flavours.

It is a scientifically tested formula that has been approved by the Food Safety Standard Authority of India [FSSAI]. When consumed as the last drink of the night, Morning Fresh POP helps in rapid breakdown of alcohol in the system by reactivating an existing enzyme, Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) in your liver. ADH is a naturally occurring enzyme in your body that gets suppressed with too much of alcohol consumption. The active ingredients in Morning Fresh POP will help your liver rapidly metabolize alcohol from your system. The toxins in your body will get flushed out before potential damage can be done to your liver, and you wake up fresh, ready to do more and get back to the everyday hustle.

The Morning Fresh shots were formulated following a breakthrough in silk bio-technology at the Sericare Research and Development Facility. Research showed that silk proteins had a natural ability to activate enzymes that break down alcohol in the liver. The products are all-natural with zero added sugars and fats so even the most health-conscious can drink it guilt-free. The company that started in 2015 has since expanded into offering weekend packs and hangover survival kits as providing options for bulk orders for weddings and events.

The product is available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai across popular MRP stores, modern retail, premium bars and on all major online platforms.  

Also available with Pan-India shipping on

The start-up has aggressive expansion plans to reach all major metro’s in the next six months.

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