MIRAGGIO, a Milan inspired handbag brand launches its new campaign ‘Meet the Miraggio Muse’

MIRAGGIO, the luxe handbags brand announced its new tagline ‘MIRAGGIO: Born from the Muse’ along with their campaign ‘Meet the Miraggio Muse’. The campaign is derived from the moods of a woman and describes how MIRAGGIO’s fashionable handbags fit hand in glove with them.

The Campaign ‘Meet The MIRAGGIO Muse’ introduces MIRAGGIO’s 4 new collections: ‘Minimalisque’ – the fashionable casual bags inspired by minimal architecture, ‘Bold & Beast’ – the formal, office handbags designed for the boss ladies at work, ‘Rose Coco’ – the easy-going vacation-mode collection with pastel hues and ‘Rebel Chic’ – the special range of party handbags.

MIRAGGIO’s Founder, Mohit Jain said, “Our bags are a fusion of functionality and style. They sport zipper pockets and adjustable straps. Every design, structure, color is crafted keeping in mind the different moods and personalities of women. The handbags are placed in the bracket of ₹3000 – ₹6000. This makes women afford fashion according to their needs and among our 4 new collections, they will always find the style(s) that go with their aesthetic.”


Founded in 2019, MIRAGGIO is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Inspired by the avant-garde aesthetic of Milan, it is committed to developing a legacy of crafting handbags in the accessible designer space. MIRAGGIO’s fluid design aesthetic has an overarching chic mood with a bold edge. With compelling designs and arresting patterns, the world of MIRAGGIO is a creative space where the free-spirited woman of today can be all she wants to be. Every handbag is crafted and inspired by real women, our Muses, to fit the different hats that women wear every day and to put forward their personalities.

MIRAGGIO’s collection starts from ₹3000. So, what are you waiting for?
Bring it home today!

An exciting new range of products is available on their online store – www.miraggiolife.com


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