Mr. Mohit,F&B Director , Sheraton New Delhi and Vikram Sethi art curator and event organiser

“Mind, Mystique and Beauty”

An art and wine event organized by award-winning art curator Vikram Sethi along with Hotel Sheraton, Saket New Delhi.
Displaying works of artists
Bipin Shinol, Sudakshina Ghosh, Nidhi Jaiswal, Himnti Sen, Arindam Gupta, Pranali Harpude, Mansi Sagar.

Mrs.Aruna Sethi and Mrs.Kochhar
Ms.Deepshika Khanna Socialite, Business icon.

Guestlist comprising Aruna Sethi from Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Mohit -F&B Director Hotel Sheraton,Saket, Abhinav Restaurant Manager, Yi Jing, Dhruv Ratanlal, Pamela Esther Patrick, TV celebrity Seema Gumbar, Deepshikha Khanna, Kanwar Kochhar Hotelier, artists Sudakshina Ghosh, Himnti Sen, Nidhi Jaiswal, Amarjit of Maserati brand and several others.

Mr.Kanwarjeet Kochhar

The global Pandemic of Covid 19 affected all of us and these beautiful works of art were displayed to give positive energy to the world around us.
The inaugural event was on 12th December over wines and scrumptious food specially prepared at Yi Jing restaurant /bar team of Sheraton hotel.

Ms.Pamela Esther Patrick

A wonderful evening of art and wine.
Supported by Glamour Mantra magazine and Sheraton New Delhi Hotel,Saket, New Delhi.

Artworks are on display till 19 th December at Sheraton hotel Saket New Delhi.

Dhruv Ratanlal business entrepreneur
Seema Gumbar ,TV celebrity (with Sensuous painting of Mansi Sagar ) and Vikram Sethi
Ms.Sonia Goyal
Artist Mansi Sagar

Details of artist Mansi Sagar:
In her words “About me…..I did an art teacher diploma after 12th, then, Dip.A.Ed. all education done from Nashik Maharashtra. Here I am telling to tell you about my art style…which is based on ‘nude art’.
      Nude art does not represent only the naked body but nudity is about the deep thoughts and thinking of the artist.    An artist is attracted to some preferences or priorities at some stage in life; I also reached the same stage a few years back. Nudity indicates a journey towards the preference I have chosen. The hardships that I went through have coaxed me to continue to take this tough path; the mission is still on.    But whenever I do nude and semi-nude portraits, I go into a peculiar trance-like sensation. In my paintings, I focus on “the difficulties faced by women at every stage in her life” and “different stages of her life”. Each painter has some shape in mind before starting to paint; this generates a thought process in mind, and the art is born. The main thought coming to my mind is about purity when I visualize nudity, which cannot be found in any other shape. I have a great attraction for the nude forms since the beginning. With these shapes in mind, I hope to create paintings with a different intent and dedicate them to the art-lovers! 
  I felt that I might not be allowed to create nude paintings if I marry; hence I have decided not to marry, ever! Since there was great difficulty in getting models for nude paintings, I created “Self-Nude” paintings! My paintings have given me the honor of winning awards in exhibitions held by the Art Society of India, Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation, and the Art society of Maharashtra. Not only that, but I have sold my paintings in India and outside India too!  “

Artist Bipin Shinol

Second artist Bipin Shinol from Ahmedabad :
In his words
” I have completed my post-diploma in painting from faculty of fine Arts, M.S. University Baroda in 1999. Since then I am working on my painting, which is about my experiences of everyday life. I work with a personalized form of expression where many of the times the protagonist is myself. An image that resembles to my face structure with a character who is an observer at one point and at other he is unaware of his acts simply is a layman, involved in natures process of life on this earth.

I give much emphasis on drawing quality in my work. Adding comparative elements as in one of my recent paintings. I showed an accidental incident in comparison with a child’s play. I feel an urge to improve my quality by exploring various possibilities as in this work.

My technique of painting assimilates the use of high-resolution scanning of prints and photos, composing the same using the latest computer software [Adobe Photoshop] and hardware, as well using large format digital printing machines to print the image directly on the canvas and thereafter over-painting out the image using oil paint.

Artist Nidhi Jaiswal

Artist Nidhi Jaiswal :
Very talented and does watercolor wash painting. Did her Master’s degree from Gwalior. Her works are on the line of Abindernath Tagore and Nand Lal Bose.

Artist Sudakshina Ghosh

Artist Sudakshina Ghosh was greatly influenced by the Ramakrishna mission and her works are based on the Vedanta philosophy.

Artist Himnti Sen

Artist Himnti Sen, a graduate of Delhi College of Art has done a beautiful landscape series on Banaras and other places.

Artist Pranali Harpude

Artist Pranali Harpude from Pune is extremely talented and her series on everyday life is a lot in the European style of work. The colors used by her may be compared to the great artist Vincent van Gogh.

Artist Arindam Gupta

Artist Arindam Gupta from Kolkata has done wonderful charcoal works using Nitram charcoal and liquid charcoal on paper .he spent a long time with sadhus,tantriks , holy men to do artworks based on them. His works are with collectors in Europe and the USA.

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