GAIL’s digital initiatives reach more than 2 Crore Indians

Even as people remained indoors in recent months to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, GAIL (India) Limited undertook a number of digital initiatives to raise awareness about increasing air pollution and measures to fight the pandemic which reached 20 million Indians in this short time.

These digital initiatives mobilized collective societal efforts to improve the deteriorating air quality by encouraging sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle habits such as planting trees, cycling & walking, carpooling, using public transport, conserving energy, and using cleaner energy sources like Natural Gas for industries, CNG for automobiles, PNG for commercial uses.

GAIL has been actively working towards educating the Indian masses against air pollution through their digital initiatives. Under these digital initiatives events, short films, contests, raahgiri, pledges, etc. were undertaken regarding problems caused due to air pollution to create awareness and change mindsets and that would lead to a greener and cleaner tomorrow.

A few of the digital initiatives which have been major contributors for reaching more than 20 million Indians are:

#Stay Positive #Social Distancing #Stay Home Stay Safe

#Ruk Jana Nahin #Wake Up And Smell the Change # Environment-Friendly Lifestyle Habits #Green Drive with Natural Gas

To contribute to the nationwide fight against COVID-19, GAIL employees working from home produced a song for creating awareness on Staying Positive, Social Distancing, Staying at Home & Staying Safe. GAIL and its employees produced another music video titled “Ruk Jana Nahin” for motivating themselves to quick start their projects and also to acknowledge the efforts of the frontline warriors of COVID-19.

#Wake Up And Smell the Change online initiative was started to spread the idea of appreciating and preserving the positive environmental changes that occurred due to the lockdown. Through this initiative, the netizens were asked to take a pledge and sustain this change in the future as well as with befitting lifestyle habits.

GAIL (India) Limited in sync with its vision statement took up the #Green Drive With Natural Gas online initiative to create awareness among the Indian masses about greener mobility through the use of Natural Gas as a cleaner fuel. GAIL will strive for more such initiatives in the future to motivate Indian masses for energizing a better tomorrow.

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