Bare Anatomy launches India’s first ever 100% personalized skincare range

~This winters, get glowing skin with a custom-made skincare regime~ 

Bare Anatomy, India’s undisputed personalized beauty brand, launches India’s first-ever 100% personalized & premium skincare range to celebrate inclusivity. Marking its entry into the skincare segment, Bare Anatomy promises fresh & clean beauty formulations customized to each unique skin type, goals & concerns through a 3-step regime consisting of multi-tasking products for complete care. The new range is available in kits consisting of a Deep Pore Cleansing Facewash, Intense Hydrating Moisturizer & Overnight Restorative Night Cream, to suit varied Indian skin types, ranging from oily, normal to dry.

With the goodness of high-grade botanical ingredients and cutting-edge technology, Bare Anatomy offers India’s first-ever custom made, dermatologically approved, vegan & PEA certified, SLS and paraben-free skincare line to keep all skin problems at bay. Bare Anatomy infuses a unique Advanced Neuro Cosmetic technology in a deep cleansing face wash for a long-lasting, refreshing effect on the skin. The day and night cream have an interesting time-dependent release of natural actives that work to improve all skin textures. Staying true to its core philosophy of transparency at its best, the skincare line is available in aesthetically pleasing rose gold packaging. As many Indian brands take the plunge into customized skincare, the new skincare range by Bare Anatomy emerges as the most credible solution owing to its clean botanical ingredients which are customized to each skin type such as Salicylic acid, Hyaluronic acid, Resorcinol, Peptides, fruit enzymes, and Lactic acid.

Formulated in their own state-of-the-art R&D lab, by a team of skin experts & scientists, Bare Anatomy takes its prowess in personalized beauty up a notch with this most awaited launch. The beauty innovator factors in an individual’s skin type, problems, goals as well as lifestyle conditions such as diet, age, location, etc. through an elaborative skin analysis/quiz. This data then undergoes their proprietary AI algorithm where it is matched to clean, effective ingredients to prepare a special formula that is highly effective on every skin type. An outcome of dedicated research by a team of scientists and experts, each product is customized as per an individual’s skin profile hence providing the exact nourishment required by a unique skin type.

Speaking about the exciting launch, Rohit Chawla, CEO & Co-Founder, Bare Anatomy said, “We are excited to launch the most awaited new skincare range which is made with potent botanical extracts, no harmful chemicals and is derma tested safe for use. We, as a brand, believe that one-size does not fit all and as smart customers are now increasingly seeking out beauty solutions suited to their specific needs, personalization in skincare has never been so relevant. We witnessed a notable absence of such effective solutions in India that are tailor-made for each Indian skin type and texture, hence we leveraged our innovation to introduce a new wave of personalization in skincare with the new line.”

With our personalized haircare range, we have been successful in establishing a loyal customer base. With a new category added to our portfolio, we further reinforce our celebration of every individual’s uniqueness with a distinctive skincare range that is inclusive yet exclusive and deeply personal for every customer,” he added.

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About Bare Anatomy:

Bare Anatomy is a premium, beauty tech brand with personalization at its core. Founded in 2018 by Rohit Chawla, Vimal Bhola, and Sifat Khurana, the brand advocates the philosophy of ‘Beauty Inside Out’ – with its range of personalized and wholesome beauty solutions. Led by a team of industry experts, their range of hair care & skincare regimes are personalized to suit each customer’s unique goals, concerns, and lifestyle. Their proprietary algorithm matches the customer’s goals with clean, effective ingredients to address their unique concerns. All products are freshly formulated in their state-of-the-art lab once customers place their orders. The brand also offers a range of bare ingredients and nutraceuticals for overall skin and hair health. To order their personalized products, customers must take a detailed analysis of the website and then place their orders. The brand is PETA certified, uses 100% safe and clean ingredients. Interestingly, the brand name is an amalgamation of Bare (meaning clean, honest) and Anatomy (indicating advanced science).

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