Art is Good ,life is good

This being a group show of 5 artists and one art dealer. The art dealer is Mr.Naushad Khan   ( whose selection of artworks of Contemporary Modern art masters are displayed). Artists are Mr.Ajay Samir (an Indian artist based in New Delhi), Ms.Vinita  Rathaur based in Lucknow) , Mr.Yashowar Verma based in Udaipur, Ms. Amrapali Ghosh from Delhi, and Mr.Suvro Ghosh from Delhi.

In the words of artist Vinita Rathaur,” I am a self-taught artist on a quest for exploring the ever so fascinating genres of art.
Being from a Forces background and having had the opportunity to travel extensively, has played a big role in defining and shaping my sense of art and aesthetics!

I’ve explored many genres of art and have come to realize that I have a special love for Still  Life! Delving into Still life allows  me to look at  unassuming household objects even and translate them into beautiful compositions on canvas I have an unpretentious style of painting marked by my penchant for fine detailing work, precision, and  honest adherence to the technical aspect of the subject
I have exhibited at some of the following venues:-  A series of exhibitions at the ITC Sheraton New Delhi, Colorama at Vivanta by Taj New Delhi, Visual Art Gallery, etc.”

Second artist Ajay Samir is a very senior artist who has worked deeply in black and white shades, in spiritual paintings, and various genres. He has done paintings on the poetry of late Shri  Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former PM of India. In fact, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee even invited him to the PM residence and owns one of his paintings. Secondly, he has worked with Shri Gulzar on his poems too. His works are with several collectors in India and Abroad.
Third artist Shri Yashowar Verma from Udaipur has done several artworks based on horses and portraits of Maharajas. Been inspired by his father Shri Sudarshan, his works are too with several collectors.
Fourth artist Ms. Amrapali Ghosh is a very talented emerging artist and has done beautiful floral artworks and spiritual artworks and is self-taught.
Fifth artist Mr.Suvro Ghosh’s passion for traveling and knowledge led him to make very aesthetic artworks. One of the new talents of India.
Art collector Shri. Naushad Khan displayed several artworks of senior modern contemporary Indian artists that have been well received in India and Abroad.

This show had a glittering inauguration over wine and snacks on 31st October wherein art lovers, celebrities, art collectors assembled together to appreciate the works of art on display. A few celebrities present were Mr.Gautam Aggarwal, Mrs. Aruna Sethi -member Luxury Committee, Indo American Chamber Of Commerce, Delhi Chapter, Mr.Rohit Khosla of Taj Group of Hotels, Mrs.Maya Khosla, Ms. Chhavi Sharma, Ms.Brinda, Mr.Ajay Maini, Ms.Heloisa, Art collector Naushad Khan, Gallery owner Kapil Sharma, Mr.Sanjeev Malik of Global News Network, Ms.Amrapali Ghosh, Mr.Suvro Ghosh, Mr.Yashowar Verma, Mr. Radhe Shyam, Mr.Ajay Samir, Ms. Shahana Mukherjee, Advocate Pragyan Sharma and his wife, Ms.Neha Tyagi of Glamour Mantra and her husband and several others. 

As per the words of art curator and organizer. Vikram Sethi ….this show depicts beautiful forms of art which make one realize how important beauty is in our lives …we often tend to neglect this in the daily hustle and bustle of life.
Vikram Sethi won the Bharat Nirman Award for the best art curator in 2015 and he has the talent to bring together a lot of talented, emerging artists and helps in promoting them
This show is on display from 31st October to 6th November in Hotel Sheraton,Saket, New Delhi.
 This event was supported by media partners Glamour Mantra and Hotel Sheraton Saket New Delhi .

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