The Art Of Embracing A Saree At Your Workplace.

For some, sarees are meant for special occasions but most women in India wear sarees to work every day and swear by how comfortable it can be. The Saree is seeing a new wave among the urban Indian women, especially in the past few years where women have begun to drape their sarees over t shirts, shirts and kurtis or wear sneakers with it.

Sarees are one of the oldest and most elegant forms of dressing as every saree has an emotional aspect attached to it and the woman wearing it. Most successful women in business prefer to wear a Saree because it not only provides comfort but also commands respect. It is favored by many women business leaders as the ultimate form of power dressing. Arti Gupta, one of the founders of Tech-Fashion Brand StyleNook says she wears a Saree to work regularly for the past 20 years.

Kuntal Malia, Co-Founder, StyleNook said, “We believe in keeping up with the latest trends and we have been receiving a lot of requests for Sarees of late. The saree is truly a versatile garment that allows you to go from a traditional Indian look to a contemporary look. This versatility comes from styling which includes different draping styles, blouses/tops styling and accessorizing. Being a customer centric brand, we believe in educating our clientele in experimenting with this beautiful garment. Our collaboration with Suta for their Mul Cotton Sarees will enhance everybody’s saree experience”.

The co-founders of Suta, Sujata and Taniya are no strangers to a corporate lifestyle, which inspires their designs and the creation of fuss free sarees which can be draped by anyone. Saree may be one of the oldest forms of dressing, but the modern Indian woman is bringing her own brand of chic to the Saree with variations and accessories.

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