Stay warm & Stylish with New Anti-Bacterial Thermals by Bodycare International Ltd

  • The new range uses innovative anti bacterial technology to neutralize odour causing bacteria, allowing long lasting freshness and hygiene
  • The technological innovation adds a new dimension of health to Bodycare International ltd. trusted products along with comfort and style
  • Thanks to this new product range, your thermal wear collection will not be monotonous in colour and style any more

 When the weather turns chilly and temperatures take a dip, a good set of thermal wear becomes indispensible. This season, leading thermal wear brand Bodycare thermals is promising to spruce up your winter wardrobe with a new product that will not only keep you warm but its anti-bacterial technology will also ensure hygiene and lasting freshness by keeping odour causing bacteria at bay.

Bodycare International Ltd. is a leading player of thermals that puts a constant thrust on cutting edge research and technology. The brand’s new range uses a new silver-based anti bacterial mechanism to address the concern of body odour and hygiene that comes with long hours of wearing a thermal wear. Perspiration and odour are a natural corollary of wearing thermals over a long period of time. However, this Bodycare range has been treated in silver line chemical, and this technology does not allow odour causing bacteria to build up. So, even if the extreme winter prevents you from washing the thermal wear for a couple of days, you do not have to worry about body odour!

If you feel that thermal wears make your wardrobe boring and aesthetically unappealing, Bodycare’s new range of highly comfortable yet fashionable thermal wears is also set to change your perception. Made of quilt knit technology, the collection comprises of a wide array of trendy, stylish, premium and colourful thermal inner-wears for men, women and kids. It is designed to appeal to the new age fashion conscious consumers who demand not just comfort but are style savvy as well.

“Thermal inner-wear are an inalienable part of the people’s wardrobe, particularly in the north Indian winter where mercury dips to single digit mark. However, perspiration from day-long wearing sometimes makes people uncomfortable. Our new anti bacterial thermal wear range effectively counters this hygiene issue by neutralizing odour causing bacteria and providing lasting freshness. This new range has also been designed in response to the changing demands of an increasingly fashion conscious consumer. We have incorporated a wide array of products to offer multiple design, style and colour varieties to the audience to make the product range aesthetically superior and appealing,” said Mr Mithun Gupta, Director, Bodycare International Ltd.

The thermal wear segment has witnessed an enormous transformation over the past few years. The new-age consumer has increasingly shown a preference for light knitwear that is not very bulky but sufficiently warm nevertheless. There is also a growing demand for more stylish and fashionable thermal wears and consumers are looking for more options in colors beyond the usual grey and white routine. Bodycare Thermal’s new range caters to this shifting need of Indian consumers and exemplifies the evolution in quality, aesthetics and functional appeal in the thermal wear segment.

Bollywood actress and entrepreneur Shilpa Shetty who is the brand ambassador of this product range strongly advocates it as a perfect winter choice for the entire family.

The men’s range has been specially curated to ensure a wider choice of colours, neck designs and styles including round, V neck and crew neck styles in different sleeve length options as well as lowers. The designs in the women’s thermal wear category include camisoles, full sleeves vests as well as sports bras.

Similarly, the kids range has been designed keeping in mind the need for optimum protection from cold, aesthetic appeal as well as kids-friendly designs. The kids range comprises of round neck, full, half or sleeveless vests, balloon fit pajamas, body fit pajamas and lowers in different colours like blue, red, fuchsia, white, black, grey and navy blue. Keeping in mind the fact that kids love clothes and accessories customized as per their likes, the collection also includes designs inspired by some of children’s favourite cartoon characters. So, you have thermal wears featuring Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty! and Pickachu, among others. A special collection inspired from Disney’s Oscar-winning animated movie – Frozen, is certain to be loved by kids.

The lightweight inner layer of Bodycare thermals provides complete comfort and warmth without making one look bulky. What further makes the product stand out in the thermal wear segment is its high style quotient that allows the user to wear them basically and occasionally as well. 

So, if you are looking for a new age thermal wear to beat the winter blues this season, you do not need to look beyond the latest Bodycare thermals range. Stay Warm, Stay fresh with Bodycare Thermals.

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