Renowned Author Gittanjali A Singh Unveils "Rampyari-The Soul Has No Gender" at the World Book Fair in New Delhi

Renowned Author Gittanjali A Singh Unveils “Rampyari

Renowned Author Gittanjali A Singh Unveils “Rampyari-The Soul Has No Gender” at the World Book Fair in New Delhi

Esteemed author Gittanjali A Singh launched her latest literary masterpiece, “Rampyari-The Soul Has No Gender,” at the prestigious World Book Fair in New Delhi. “Rampyari-The Soul Has No Gender” is a literary gem that stands out for its unique portrayal of the protagonist, Ram, as he navigates the traumatic intricacies of identity crisis through a painful journey going from Ram to Rampyari. Singh’s work delves into the complexities of the human experience, shedding light on the seldom-explored theme of the struggle for identity within the context of gender.

The author’s writing is marked by sensitivity and grace, elevating the narrative to a level of exceptional depth and resonance. She said, “I believe in the power of storytelling to illuminate the corners of our soul”. This book has a thought-provoking journey as it addresses the nuanced struggles of identity, all the through the narrative maintaining a delicate balance of sensitivity and grace.”

Gittanjali A Singh, a seasoned Master Numerologist and Consultant with over two decades of experience, brings her profound insights to the literary world. Her earlier work, “and God Spoke in Numbers,” written under her maiden name Gittanjali Elizabeth Mordecai, which recently saw the release of its second edition, stands as a testament to her expertise in numerology. This bestselling book has garnered acclaim for its comprehensive exploration of the mystical world of numbers and their significance in our lives.

The launch event at the World Book Fair in New Delhi witnesses a gathering of literary enthusiasts, critics, and admirers eager to explore the depths of Gittanjali A Singh’s latest creation.

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