Movie Jagriti- The Awakening gives a message , Do not give up and definitely get the justice

Movie Jagriti- The Awakening gives a message ,

Movie Jagriti- The Awakening gives a message , Do not give up and definitely get the justice

It is often seen in our Bollywood films that the police administration becomes active only after the crime has been committed, and the same happens with the victim. Only after the crime is committed, the victim takes refuge in the court, police and top officials to get justice. But the film ‘The Awakening’ is a film which is the story of the struggle of a fearless, courageous girl which she started as soon as she got the inkling of a crime taking place, against some leaders in power and powerful people like the police. And there was such a struggle against the criminals in which this girl won.

The maker company of the film Jagriti- The Awakening, to be released in the last quarter of this year, the film’s director writer and actor Rajneesh Duggal playing the lead role in the film, actress Anjali who played an important role in the Oscar entry film Newton. Patil, addressed the media in a press conference held here. According to the spokesperson of the film’s making company, Parivar Films Limited and Green Eye Production Pvt. Limited, we produce the film as per pre-planning, after complete paper work, after completing the work on all the subjects like shooting location etc., the film is sent to the floors. But we take it, that’s why the shooting of this film will also be done from start to finish at different locations of Lucknow, Gomti Nagri, to make the film close to the truth, we will shoot 100% of the film in Uttar Pradesh.

The maker company of the film Jagriti-

The directors of the film, Harish Kumar and Pushkar Tiwari, in response to the media’s questions, said that our film gives the message of women empowerment and that women are not weak, but strong and never give up, this is what we got from the popular chief of the state.

With the functioning of Minister Adityanath Yogi ji and increasing self-confidence among the women in the state, such a system of law and order was created in the state that till a few years ago, the women of the state did not feel safe at all during the day, so even today they are on duty at night. These are the women who come home alone without fear, these efforts of Adityanath Yogi ji inspired us to make this women-oriented film. Tiwari told that the heroine of the film is from a middle class family, who is always on top in studies and on the strength of her ability. When the boss of the company insists the heroine of the film to get the post of project manager of a company by any means, the heroine surprises everyone by showing her Chandi form. According to the writer of the film Pushkar Tiwari, this film is a saga of women power which gives the message of not giving up in fear and fighting, our film will give a message to women which will inculcate in them positive and not negative thinking towards the police and justice system. It will give a message, the aim of the actor playing the role of a lawyer in the film is to provide justice to the victim at any cost, often the image of police and lawyers in our films is very negative but after watching Jagriti, the thinking of the audience will change.

The film’s hero Rajneesh Duggal said that when I heard the script of the film and my role, I signed the film without wasting a moment. I am proud that I am a part of a great project. Well-known actress Anjali Patil, who played the lead role in Newton, said. Said, I am happy that now in our films characters are being written keeping women at the center. This film is also the story of a woman not giving up and taking her struggle to victory and my character in this film is an important part of the script.

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