Halloween, when witches and vampires trick or treat

This Halloween, when witches and vampires trick or treat, there is a maverick that prowls the street. Lone Wolf, a creature of the night, part of the pack of ghosts and ghoulies, ready to give a fright.

Lone wolf beers are brewed in Punjab, and have a yearlong shelf life. With two variants currently out in the Indian market, Lone Wolf Strong and the Lone Wolf Mild Lager, they plan to add a couple of aromatic and rich beers to their portfolio every year. With the hops and yeasts imported from Germany, low additives and enzymes, the beer goes down easy, and leaves one fresh to go out on the prowl the next morning, to break and make their own crescent trajectories. Lone Wolf is available for sales and distribution in Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh, while Punjab and Himachal Pradesh will follow soon after.

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