Wranglers Traveler Lite Denims

Ever felt the rush in you to take a trip to the steepest mountains, thinking to hit the road for the longest drive of your life, or zip off on a motorcycle in search of adventure?  For those who venture out on these daring journeys; Wrangler is with you! The iconic denim brand Wrangler embodies the courageous spirit by making apparel that can handle themselves, while you go on about your everyday adventure.

This season Wrangler launches “Traveler Lite Jeans”, widening their best-selling range “Traveler”. Traveler uses a knit-fabric combination, that looks like denim but feels like sweat pants. With the new addition of Traveler Lite, they have notched up the comfort quotient by using innovative knit fabric made with hollow yarn, making these jeans much lighter. Some of the Traveler Lite jeans also come with Silver Shield Technology to keep the jeans fresh even after multiple uses. These unique features in the jeans make it the ultimate companion for your adventures enhancing the comfort while also keeping the style up the ante.

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