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Approach Entertainment & Go Spiritual India Launch the ‘Go Spiritual’ Campaign

Award-winning Films Productions and Celebrity Management Company, Approach Entertainment has produced a series of TVC Campaign & Digital Film for the Spiritual organization Go Spiritual India. Go Spiritual India is a Charitable Spiritual organization working for Philanthropy, Spiritual Awareness, Charity, Organic, Spiritual Tourism, Events, Media, Publications & Social Causes. The Go Spiritual campaign has been launched to create awareness about the spiritual way of life & it’s spiritual & philanthropic activities.

Spirituality is not about a particular religion. Neither is it about gods and rituals only. Spirituality is a principled way of life; it’s an attitude. There are a dozen attributes to life, to building a positive attitude, embedded in the very word ‘Spirituality’. Go Spiritual India campaign is to build up that spiritual attitude and imbibing spiritual way of life taking care of mind, body & soul.  

Approach Entertainment is a Full Fledged award winning Celebrity Management, Films Productions, Advertising & Corporate Films Productions, Films Marketing, Events and Entertainment marketing company with offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurugram, Goa & Chandigarh.  

The TVC & Digital Film will be launched on digital platforms & TV Channels. The series of Ad Films were shot in Rishikesh & the entire Uttarakhand and will be aggressively promoted now on social and digital media with an objective to reach a world audience. Go spiritual campaign will promote India as a spiritual destination to the world.

The TVC & Digital Film focuses on the spiritual way of living and will be showcasing the Go Spiritual India’s activities in Philanthropy, Spiritual Awareness, Charity campaigns in Blanket Donation & Hunger Eradication, Spiritual Tourism, Spiritual Events, Promoting Go Spiritual Organic Food Products, Go Spiritual Ayurveda, Health & Spiritual Products, Spiritual Media activities like Go Spiritual India Magazine, Spiritual Publications, and other social causes.

The first film in the Go Spiritual India  campaign features various Spiritual activities in India like Meditation, Holy River Ganga, Rishikesh Aarti, Yoga, Organic Food, Food Donation, Blanket Donation, Himalaya, Ayurveda, Naturopathy & panchakarma.     

Commenting on TVC & Digital Campaign, Sonu Tyagi, Director, Approach Entertainment said, “Go Spiritual India is a leading spiritual organization in India which has been working on spirituality and philanthropy both. The Go Spiritual Campaign has been created with an objective to promote Indian spirituality and spiritual way of life in the world. The world has changed after covid and it has affected the mental wellbeing of all of us. Spirituality and going spiritual can help in a big way so we thought of calling the campaign Go Spiritual.  The TVC & Digital Film has come out very well and being appreciated by the spiritual world & all audiences alike.  ”

Go Spiritual India is a not for profit spiritual organization working for Philanthropy, Spiritual awareness, Spiritual tourism, Spiritual Media, Organic Food, Spiritual events, Go Spiritual India E-commerce store, ‘Go Spiritual’ Spiritual Products,  ‘Go Spiritual’ Ayurveda & Health Products, Spiritual Publications & Mental Health. The entire revenue created through different activities will be used for philanthropic & social service activities.

Go Spiritual India has been working on hunger eradication & food donation with its initiative India against Hunger. It is also working on Blanket Donation Campaign to save lives of homeless and destitute in winters across India. Go Spiritual India is also taking an initiative for the welfare of senior citizens. The organization will be creating awareness about Spirituality through Media, Events, Digital & Films.

Go Spiritual India will be promoting spiritual tourism in the country with its special events, retreats, and other initiatives. Go Spiritual India has already launched an Online Magazine Go Spiritual India and will be launching a monthly print edition soon. It also plans to launch Go Spiritual India TV in the future.

Go Spiritual India is also launching organic food, spiritual, Ayurveda and health products under its Go Spiritual brand and an e-commerce store Go Spiritual India. The publication division will launch spiritual books.

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