She Shakti

Celebration of Women Empowerment, a Solo Show by Dr. Meenu Kumar, Director Cosmo Arts India Gallery

New Delhi, 21st April: Dr. Meenu Kumar, the director of Cosmo Arts India Gallery celebrated woman empowerment with the Socio Creative movement SHE-SHAKTI, a solo show which showcased in an opening ceremony of Art Exhibition at Alliance Fracaise de Delhi, Lodhi Estate. She-Shakti is a campaign, which endorses Me too movement.

She-Shakti force within which is awaiting to express with boldness and beauty! She Shakti is transformative and transcending and therefore yogic; creative and nurturing; synthesising and connecting the disparate and opposites. Spiritual comprehensiveness cannot be attained without She Shakti the innate power of being. Well, following the same respectful mind-set, the event also witnessed the graceful presence of eminent beings from Nation’ Capital, like Sabyasachi Satpathy (Bigg Boss 11 Contestant), Anjana Kuthiala,Mintum Gulati,Yotsana Attree, Vandy Mehra,Sadhna Mehta,Vrinda Kumar,Ashuma Sachdeva,Neeru Tiwari,Parul Goyle Bansal,Purnima Dutt to just name a few.

Dr. Meenu Kumar, an Indian feminist artist, Social activist & art critic holds doctorate degree in Multimedia & has authored many books on art & multimedia and through her artwork takes you to the deep inner confines of your being where diverse feelings and forms are created and curated. A stroke at a time in symphony with the dreams; hues and shades embryonic on their own; charged with feelings; emotions oozing out, in the expanse of our being, suddenly you connect with the profound meaning, each of the painting conveys. Her expression of She Shakti is to show us the subtle but an infantine life!

The medium chosen by the artist is acrylic on canvas & Intricate pen n ink strokes which point towards the complexity of women’s life.

Dr. Meenu Kumar, says “Purity, beauty and essence of life is not the resultant and outcome of our doing in life but our very existence. There comes a time where silence is betrayal, so it’s time to break the silence and exhibit She-Shakti the power of women.”

Dr. Meenu with her deep understanding of multi cultures, varied education and social engagement has tried to express the emerging Indian women of India who is not confined to one boundary of a Nation but a Global Women who has imbibed the ancient and contemporary, faced disruptive energies and forces and yet evolved as a supreme power to show to the world her eminent place.

The array of paintings, sculpture, art installations with a tinge of poetic fervour by Dr Meenu Kumar makes this exhibition, a true voice of Woman of New India!

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