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New Launch : Topstona latest collection of hand weaves

Entwine- Woven Wonders

India is a homeland to handlooms and their eccentric outcome in weaves. From khadi’s to chanderi’s, woven textures have been a part of the country’s culture and everyday lives since 5000 years ago. Deriving inspiration from the unique character of hand weaves, Topstona’s collection Entwine unveils a series of twines and twists translated into enchanting stone surfaces.

The line of surfaces is an indulgence into erratic elegance and intersecting consistency of knotted touch, crafted onto seamless travertine marble. An outcome of transcribing the simple yet enchanting woven patterns onto beautifully anomalous travertine stone, each cladding induces tranquillity into living spaces.
Travertine is a form of limestone created by the deposition of mineral springs. Commonly utilised in Rome to enrich monuments and residences in ancient times, the stone has naturally occurring holes and troughs on its surface that provide it a unique identity. For this collection, Topstona has carved the erratic travertine in woven patterns utilising the cnc technique, further to which it is finished by hands to form the beautiful creations of Entwine.Size – 2 x 2 sq ftPrice on RequestAvailable at or email

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