Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya Aims to Craft Top Rankers in India

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya Aims to Craft Top Rankers in India

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya Aims to Craft Top Rankers in India

This leading hybrid learning platform collaborates with Sahaj to extend its reach to Rural India, enhancing accessibility and impact

National, 04 April 2024:

 Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, India’s only Hybrid Learning platform delivering outcome-based learning at scale, proudly announces its partnership with Sahaj, one of the largest distribution networks in rural India to foster academic excellence across India. Through this collaboration, the platform aims to create toppers in competitive examinations such as IIT-JEE, NEET and CUET, in the rural parts of our country, drawing upon the esteemed 39-year legacy of Sri Chaitanya, renowned for its exceptional results. The collective mission is to nurture the next generation learners, empowering them with the tools and resources they need to achieve their academic goals.

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, India’s only Hybrid Learning platform delivering outcome-based learning at scale,

In its bid to offer quality preparation for competitive examinations such as IIT JEE, NEET, and CUET to more and more learners, Infinity Learn has planned this strategic alliance with Sahaj, that unites two formidable strengths: top-tier education and an expansive reach into semi-urban and rural areas. The objective is to ensure that ambitious learners across every nook of India, have access to high-quality yet affordable education, eliminating the need for relocation to distant cities. All courses for learners will be accessible on Learners can conveniently access these services by visiting their nearest Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra.

Speaking about the partnership, “Our mission at Infinity Learn is to empower learners with untapped potential by providing them with the education they rightfully deserve, the education that has created top-notch engineers and doctors in this country. We are committed to bridging the gap between rural and urban educational opportunities, and our partnership with Sahaj plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. Together, we aim to extend our reach to those who have the caliber but lack access to quality education. By leveraging Sahaj’s extensive network, we’re forging a pathway towards a more equitable and inclusive educational landscape, ensuring that no learner is left behind.” said Sushma Boppana Co-Founder, Infinity Learn & Academic Director, Sri Chaitanya Group.

“This partnership with Sahaj fills me with hope to bridge the digital divide and provide quality yet affordable education to rural locations, PAN India, catering to thousands of learners. This step is a part of our holistic efforts to uplift the entire educational landscape in our country. My heart aches when I witness talented learners deprived of quality education, forcing them to embark on arduous journeys in pursuit of knowledge. Our aspirations extend far beyond the present moment. With the goal of ‘Baccha Seekha Ki Nahi’, we envision Infinity Learn emerging as the leader in tier 1 college admissions by 2027, inclusive of young minds from these often overlooked yet talent-rich areas,” commented Ujjwal Singh, Founding CEO, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya.

Rishi Raj Singh, COO, Strategy and Operations, Sahaj, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join hands with Infinity Learn in this transformative venture. This partnership heralds a new era in educational accessibility and excellence in the rural parts of India. By combining our expertise in learner outreach with Infinity Learn’s proven track record of delivering quality education, we are poised to make a significant impact on the lives of learners in rural India.”

By joining forces, Infinity Learn is reaffirming the commitment to empowering learnersand nurturing toppers in their academic journey. Through innovative approaches and unwavering dedication, Infinity Learn aims to redefine the educational landscape in the country, ensuring that every learner has the opportunity to excel without geographical constraints.

About Infinity Learn:

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya is India’s only Hybrid Learning platform delivering outcome-based learning at scale. Serving a community of over 7 million registered users, with over 750K actively subscribing for premium content, our primary mission is to nurture and elevate every learner’s potential. Our platform is rich with diverse study resources, including an extensive collection of questions and intuitive learning tools tailored to modern educational needs.

At the heart of Infinity Learn lies a dual commitment: firstly, to our vast learner base, ensuring they always have access to quality content that propels their academic and personal growth, and secondly, to our dedicated team, whose continuous efforts and innovations lay the groundwork for our success. Our overarching vision? Simplify and amplify the learning experience, making education both accessible and affordable for all.

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