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How a humble burger became an original celebrity burger

From its founding in 1930 by Colonel Harland Sanders, KFC has approached its business with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. Created in 1984 by chicken experts, with more than 70 years of experience, it’s nothing ordinary! Colonel’s Zinger comes with a 100% chicken fillet packed in a plump bun with lettuce & mayo. 

  • A Zing out of this world- Literally  

The Zinger Burger is the only ‘Food Astronaut’ to travel to space, or specifically to the edge of space. After climbing 60,000 feet to eventually surf the stratosphere, the Zinger burger rushed back to Earth at 2000 feet per minute. Now that’s truly out of this world!

  • 21 years of Asli-ness

Much has changed in the last two decades – but not the Zinger Burger. A much-loved item on the KFC menu since 1998, its still love at first bite after all these years. #ConstantGoals #ForeverLove

  • 120 countries- One love

Fans across 120 countries unanimously cheer for the perfect juicy, crispy and real Zinger Burger. Even cricket is played in fewer countries. Now that’s hit out of the park!

  • Zingers are forever- Literally

So how far would you go to profess your love for the Zinger Burger? An Aussie lad got the Zinger tattooed on his torso in Arabic. Lucky dude, he can have the Zinger and eat it too!

  • Zinger Burger joins the 10 million club

In 2018 alone, more than 10 million Zinger Burgers were sold in India. That’s like a Zinger each for every person in New Zealand and Singapore combined!

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