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“Your hand and feet never take a day off so take care of them “

Many people consider manicure and pedicure essential beauty treatment. Done at home or in salon, both treatment provide relaxation and many beauty benefits

“Beautiful hands need beautiful nails, healthy and attractive nails reveal your inner health and beauty “


Manicure and simply cosmetics treatment spectically geared towards improving the health and beauty of the hand and fingernails. A typical manicure involved shaping the nails with nail file, cuticle treatment, application of polish and possibly a hand massage


Pedicure are beauty treatment for the feet and toenails. A standard pedicure starts with a long foot sock in a sterilized tub. Once the feet are softened by the water, and pedicurist then proceeded to scrub any calloused area of the foot. Then files and shapes the toenails before applying polish


Manicure and pedicure offer many benefits including improvement of the texture and look of hands and feet and prevention of hangnail, ingrown nails and nail break age. Treatment that includes massage also help preserve the firmness and elasticity of the skin on the hands and feet

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Journalism and mass communication from Vivekananda Institute of professional studies.

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