About International Yoga Day 21th June 2019

“Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of Body,Mind, and soul. “

International yoga day is celebrated on 21 June . International yoga day is also known as ”world Yoga Day ” on 11th Dec 2014, the general assembly of united Nations decides to proclaim 21 June as the International Day of yoga.

yoga is very well know ancient practice yoga is physical,  mental and spiritual practice to develop a balance between mind and body. yoga was originated in ancient India. The word ”YOGA” derived from the sanskrit language which means to join or to unite, yoga sinply the union of body with consciousness.

International Yoga Day 21 June 2019

The main purpose of proclaiming international day of yoga is to promote a holistic approach to health and well being .Practicing yoga is beneficial for the physical mental and spiritual health of the world population.

After recognizing 21 June as the world yoga day the first international day of yoga was celebrated on Sunday. 21 June 2015. this year the yoga day will be celebrated on the same day Firday 21 June 2019.

The idea of international day of yoga was first ever proposed by Priminster Honourable of India Mr.Narandra Modi.

Reason behind chossing 21 June as the date of international day

When proposing 21 June as the Date, Modi ji said that the date was the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, having special significance in many part of the world.

Form the perspective of yoga, the summer solstice marks the transition to Dakshinayane. The first full moon after summer solstice is known as Guru Poorinma. shiva the first yogi is said to have begun imparting the knowledge of yoga to the rest of mankind on this day and became the first guru. Dakshinayana is also considered a time when there is natural support for those pursing spiritual practices.

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