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Summer décor trends

With warm breezy weather in hot summers, one prefers to stay indoors in their homes. The scorching sun makes it difficult to stay out for long. Even the air conditioners fail to work. According to Punam Kalra, Creative Director at I’m, The Centre of Applied Arts, shares how one can play with little things with their interior to make summers bright, cool and cosy. Easy hacks with upholstery, paint and furniture setting we can get a completely new look for our summer house.

1.       Colours have become rich and meaningful. From the darkest inky teals, moody charcoals and deepest emeralds, to the earthy terracotta, caramels and burnt oranges. The richness of the new colours reminds of paintings by the old masters and the play of light and shade in chiaroscuro. Grey is still the much-loved, go-to neutral, but there is a shift to warmer, earthier tones.

2.       With rising degrees, the air around is getting hotter than usual. The pot plant trend is on the rise, particularly in beautiful designer pot plant holders like in shape of animals, birds, and other cute creatures. Keep your most engaging or working place much green as you spend a lot more time of your day there. You can plant small green pots at the corridors, near window sill, main entrances to keep air cool and surrounding green. One can even place a pot on their desk for a more fresh energy vibe.

3.       Kitchens are being given a lot of attention. This year with latest trends, you can see even more avant-garde kitchen designs, for instance, all-black cabinetry and walls, with an accent wall of white and grey veined book-ended marble. And loads of greenery with bottle planters and hanging plants and vegetable pots near the window or kitchen top to make working in kitchen livelier.

4.       The love for metallic shades in never going to vanish. Copper is strongly mainstream, but as we see in 2018, copper is going to be replaced with brassy metallic shades in homes and offices as well. This will create a statement at your space making it more classy and elegant.

5.       Nowadays, architecture and surfaces seem harder and more minimalistic. The industrial influence may still be big, but it now meets natural tones for example, black metal or brass mixed with warm, rustic wood or marble to make subtle setting. You can redo your room with large, soft throws, floor cushions and more rustic charm. Playing with contrast theme is gorgeous and it’s makes your space fascinating 

Written by Glamour Mantra

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