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Morning Fresh; India’s first natural alcohol detox drink

You’ve had a hectic work-week, you’ve got an even busier weekend planned and you’re struggling to get your work-out in? Or it’s the middle of the week, you’ve got an important deadline and there are major happy-hour obligations from friends – how are you going to get both done? Cue Morning Fresh, the answer to your work-life balance. India’s first natural alcohol detox drink comes in multiple flavors and ensures you wake up fresh, healthy and ready to get back to the hustle!

Morning Fresh comes in conveniently sized bottles that you can slip into your bag, pocket or keep by your bedside. Meant to be taken as your last drink of the night, this formulation is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and proteins designed to protect your liver, flush out toxins and keep you on you’re A-Game after a fun night out.

The science behind it

The formulation was created by Healthline Pvt Ltd.; a biotechnology driven firm that are pioneers in the field of sericulture and using silk as a biomaterial. With strong roots in R&D and innovation, Morning Fresh was developed keeping in mind the importance of liver health, natural ingredients and putting customer wellness at the forefront.

When consumed as a last drink of the night, Morning Fresh helps in the rapid breakdown of alcohol in the system by reactivating an existing enzyme Alcohol Dehydrogenases (ADH) in your liver. ADH is a naturally occurring enzyme in your body that gets suppressed with too much alcohol consumption. The active ingredients in Morning Fresh help your liver rapidly metabolize alcohol from your system. The toxins in your body get flushed out before potential damage can be done to your liver, and you wake up fresh, ready to do more and get back to the hustle!

About Mitali Tandon; Founder

Founded by Mitali Tandon in 2015; Morning Fresh, headquartered in Bangalore, is one of the fastest-growing start-ups’, looking to carve out their own niche in the Indian wellness market. Mitali, a young entrepreneur and strong advocate for healthy living, was quick to see the gap in the detox market and developed Morning Fresh to be a modern solution to maintaining a work-life balance.
Morning Fresh is currently available in retail stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai across all major liquor stores, bars and restaurants.
Also available with Pan-India shipping on

The start-up has aggressive expansion plans to reach all major metro’s in the next six months.

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