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I’m, The Centre for Applied Arts introduced a series of contemporary modern furniture

Interiors are decided according to the personality and keeping in mind the style of living, when it comes from Punam Kalra – I’m The centre for Applied Arts, it assures for the distinct style and appearance. This time Punam Kalra has come up with a series of contemporary collection of furniture.

 A very high-end fabric and colors is being used for interiors to provide it the best for cozy at the same time a royal feel. The soothing color of coffee tables and their vibrant look is the complete combination of style and beauty. Color are few and many at a times but are used in a way to create the mood to get feel of best interiors. The Modulated Series – Day Bed – It’s being done on hard wood rock – Wenge Wood. The Color & Texture of Wood have been kept absolutely natural. Shaping has rendered it very contemporary looks. The colored fabric coupled with quoise dark brown wood is adding to the plashes of the piece. Anyone would be proud to own it. Smoked console – A Beautifully modulated piece of furniture where the wood has been left uncolored in a absolutely natural form but to give it the touch. It is being smoked selectively. The two pieces when kept together coupled beautifully. Multi Table – Multi Table is a multi level & material table. It has two kinds of woods and a seamless looking artificial marble. This grand large look table can be put to use in an modern setting – Very Modern & Very Stylist. Angled Table – It’s just a detailed given, Otherwise is a simple table, combined with texture wood. Modern Sofa – A Smart sofa in silver leather combined with steel, makes its own statement – Modern – Glamorous & Inviting. Contemporary sofa – It’s a straight line sofa which has been given detailed with a pattern & antique mirror so the fabric as well as exterior of the sofa has a shimming effect – Great for places, where the back is also visible.

Written by Neha Tyagi

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