No power on this globe can hinder you if your efforts are followed by your willpower, dedication , adherence, commitment, devotedness and whole –heartedness. This statement is exactly proven by a women whose allegiance has made her to achieve the greatest things in
her life. A women of great caliber whose self dedication and hardwork has named herself the crown of Mrs. Bareilly 2016. A versatile personality who Is a dynamic teacher by profession but is passionate and lascivious about achieving her dreams. The show stopper in lucknow fashion week to the recent show opener in bareilly fashion week 2018, Anjula Narang has always been miraculous and phenomenal. The journey is not over yet, this amazing and dynamic personality is also a katthak and bharatnatyam dancer. so, Get yourself ready and travel with me on her journey from a teacher to a tremendous diva.

1. How has been your journey from Mrs. Bareilly 2016 to show stopper in Lucknow fashion  week?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

 Answer ” – The journey has been fantastic and fascinating . The journey has yet not started.
Since my childhood , I wanted to become a model and was really fascinated
about the glamour industry and these dreams were on flight when I won the title
of Mrs. Bareilly 2016


2. From the fashion industry, who has always been your role model?

Answer“- The confidence and never ending spirit of Sushmita sen has always inspired me. The women empowerment image and the way Rekha ji always carry herself is beyond the imagination. These two ladies have been a true inspiration for me.

3. How do you see yourself as changing and shaping the nation for women?                                                                                                                  

Answer ” – In my opinion, each and every girl should be given the privilege to make themselves educated for their upliftment and the progress of nation. It will make them self dependent. Currently, I am working with the NGO “choti si asha” for the upliftment of the
women especially from rural areas in promoting them, educating them and making their lives better.


4.what are your strengths and weakness ? And how you overcome your weakness ,if any?

Answer ” – Determination, confidence, hardwork, will power are my greatest strengths. I dont consider anything as my weakness but my deep concern for my family is my strength as well as my weakness.


5. Any quote that best describes you?

  Answer ” – I am a women of substance, game changer and a multitasker.


6. Please explain the meaning of " fashion " in your sense?

Answer ” – Creating your own style and wearing confidence is the best fashion style edowed with the passion of self love.


7. What are the milestones of your career?

Answer ” – Life is a marathon of hurdles but patience is the only key to be successful. So, be patient and everything will flow in your way.

8. Further future plans ?

Answer ” – Currently I am doing magazine shoots and bridal shoots and I really want To win the crown OF Mrs. Universe and if given a chance would like to definitely work in television and film industry. Apart from this, I will give my energy to some social cause to educate
more and more girls. The journey has been fantastic and fascinating

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