Decoding 2019 Jewellery Trends

Trends do not occur by chance. They are the product of careful calculations that takes place at every level of the gem and jewellery industry from forecasting and manufacturing to production. Not to mention, the millennials and Gen Z’s role in shaping the market. To help you guage the market mood in advance, Praveer Sinha speaks with some of the noted jewellery designers in the industry and gets their views on the upcoming trends.  Read on their predictions on what they believe will be the jewellery trends for this year.

Earrings and rings will rule the market

Earrings and rings will totally take over the fashion landscape in 2019, as they are the key essentials that add the glamour quotient in every look. A woman can’t pull off any look without earrings and rings, so it will always be in style. The design and style in earrings and rings completely depend on the personality of a person and how a lady wants to transform her look in accordance with the occasion.

We believe people will love various jewellery trends for different reasons till the end of time. A woman can opt for different attire but some tiny adornments are always required to round of their appearance. Say, for example, a bracelet or earring or any other jewellery piece will always be required. They bring the required inner confidence in a wearer.

Gen Z is more inclined towards donning lighter jewellery pieces and refrain from heavy jewellery. They are more enthusiastic about tiny and small jewellery pieces like studs or solitaire rings and not gold or Polkis. They are not keen on buying jewellery for the purpose of investment and rather go in for its exquisiteness and durability.

Currently, we are working on our exclusive collection which is made of Mughal motif which is inspired from the regal era. The iconic collection is meticulously crafted to perfection in diamond and coloured motifs. The collection is bound to give a royal look to any attire with its splendid look-and-feel and exceptional designs.

Heirloom jewels back in vogue!

The year 2019 will witness a significant change of jewel-moods of the Indian women, as from the minimal and light-weight jewellery looks, the fashionistas are switching to the bold and majestic look of heirloom jewels. With B-town beauties like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Deepika Padukone acing the heirloom jewel look both, at their weddings and other celebrations, heirloom jewels have become quite a rage. Even the super crazy trend of styling heirloom jewels with western outfits and party-wears, is also making the demands of heirloom jewels take over the entire jewellery retail landscape in 2019.

Moreover, platinum and diamond jewellery should witness an increase in demand, especially during specific holiday seasons. Although silver jewels are getting cheaper day-by-day and offer the boho-vibe, I wouldn’t count it as an investment as it would not provide as much security for the consumers as gold and diamond jewellery do retaining their value.

Silver’s golden time in 2019

The silver jewellery trends to be popular in 2019 includes: Bohemian chic jewellery, collar necklaces and chokers and turquoise jewellery because of its blue colour, which depicts nature – as we move more towards the improvement of climate and not polluting our environment. Moreover, as gold has become expensive, silver has emerged as the next best option for buyers. We have observed a shift in the dynamics and attitude of the consumers. Today, they want to purchase silver jewellery, which looks like gold. Thus, due to its cost, gold-plated and two-tone jewellery will be popular in 2019.

Also, there has been a market shift from gold to silver for destination wedding jewellery as well. We get brides and bride’s maids for their wedding shopping. Earlier this was not the trend. They all wanted real gold for the wedding. But now they are moving towards silver. Due to custom norms, security issues and safety, people do not want to carry their real jewellery for destination weddings and so, they prefer silver jewellery. Thanks to this change in approach, Jadau and Kundan jewellery in silver will be in demand in 2019.

Moreover, online sales of silver jewellery have shifted trends from buyers coming to brick-and-mortar stores to buying online. So shopping for silver jewels online at ease from home and in just a few clicks is another trend that will gain prominence, this year.

Today, trends are set mostly by the millennials and GenZ. They are fashionable, technologically advanced, very active on social media, quite fast in posting and reposting of products they use and wear. Jewellery brands these days cannot avoid them and have to design specifically for them. Keeping in view of the trends, this year we’ll be focusing on creating: Bohemian jewellery, vintage and Turkmeni jewellery, Afgani and traditional Indian jewellery, gold-plated and two-tone jewellery, jewellery studded with emeralds, studded with diamonds and long and small necklaces with pearls.

Chokers back in action

I believe that chokers will dominate the market in the same way it dominated in the last year. But we will see a lot of different designs and fusions to give them enriched look. The reason is that we see choker in both, traditional and western look that can go along with our all type of outfits.

Now-a-days, people choose to look elegant and classy and they want to wear to delicate jewellery to feel comfortable. So, jewellery like handcuffs we see less in the market and neither it’s been demanded much by the customers.

Millennials and Gen Z have a huge influence on jewellery trends these days. They prefer minimalistic jewellery which is also timeless and creating such pieces is what makes work exciting for us.

This year, we are working on quite a lot of collections. Firstly, for the Indian bridal collection, we are working on Polki with a lot of new coloured gemstones. We are sourcing light green emeralds, especially from Russia and light-coloured tourmalines to go with the new pastel Meena colours. For the more regular wear pieces, we are putting together a collection that is totally international and is inspired by geometric patterns. We have especially installed Italian standard casting machines to create these light-weight pieces.

Comeback of antique & handmade jewels 

For a quintessential Indo-western look, antique and handmade jewellery will make a massive comeback in 2019. Minimalistic jewellery was trending throughout 2018 and this year it’s time to go for larger-than-life with colossal chokers, earrings, jhumkas and necklaces. Layered neckpieces, maathapati and stackable rings are back with a bang to add oomph of glamour to your ensemble this year. Ear jackets and climbers will stay in vogue which can be teamed with traditional and western outfits for a refreshing and ultra-modern look. Jewellery with intricate detailing on the border will be every woman’s favourite in 2019 to make a statement at any occasion. Intricately designed bracelets will be a go-to accessory in 2019 as they ooze a very feminine vibe and act as a stylish alternative to watches.

As millennials and Gen Z are mostly time-pressed, they like to opt for light jewellery pieces which are elegant and subtle. Millennials and Gen Z have more refined taste in fashion and they like to wear jewellery which resonates with their style sense. While designing for them, we ensure the pieces are unique, ultra-trendy and economical at the same time.

Temple jewellery dominated our creation all throughout 2018 and this year, we will be showcasing a lot in statement and European jewellery to win the hearts of our discerning customers.

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