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Christmas gifting Ideas by Interior Designer Punam Kalra Creative Director of I’m The Centre for Applied Arts.

The wintery season of Christmas brings with it an innate desire to create cozy spaces for spirited familial celebrations, where modern simplicity and sophistication are interweaved with nostalgia. This season is all about playful interiors that exude a strong sense of exclusivity.

A vibrant color palette in daring colors and moody décor, along with lush wooden details and luxe metallic glamour is guaranteed to add cheer and personality to the interiors. Statement furniture like imaginative coffee tables and artisanal accessories in assorted shapes, textures, and patterns can elevate any space into an Avant-Garde setup.

Jewel tones and chirpy colors, red and yellow, add some punch and pizzazz to any interior, whether featured in edgy, saturated rooms or as pops of color in a more neutral space, creating striking and theatrical environments. They create a visual highlight in the room, which can be balanced with neutral color palettes and effervescent patterns like interpreted linework and symbolic motifs, expressed through the furniture, upholstery, artwork and accessories.

A color palette of merry monochromes and muted pastels, like warm grey, blush, and lavender, with fern green, can be used to further add a retro-vintage touch to the interiors. The high contrast combination of black, white, and gold create a strong visual statement that is timeless. These elements further paired with statement accessories like indoor planters, flowers, and aroma diffusers make the house feel even more indulgent and inspiring.

Products –

Capsule Table

This pair of peg tables combine the mystique of black and gold, with the allure of vintage capsule forms. The slick metallic capsule balances two black circular forms on its two ends, adding a visually light feel to the setting. The luxe finishes and the minimal form make it a zesty and chic addition to any room.

The Venn Table

The two overlapping concentric circular forms create a minimal and youthful piece of furniture. Made in the spunky primary colour combination of red and yellow, the table mixes the warmth of wooden legs with the modernity of PU painted table tops, adding vibrancy to any space.

Black Gold Table

This black peg table is a chic take on minimal maximalism, combining an irregularly shaped tabletop with a Classical leg in PU paint finishing. The power of the color black is enhanced with a well-measured dash of gold at the base, channeling a contemporary opulence and elegance to space.

Shapes and Frames

This set of three coffee tables, crafted in the powerful color combination of black and dull gold, plays with the idea of straight lines and planar forms. The assorted geometric metal framework base contrasts with the asymmetrical black solid surface tabletop, giving it a contemporary allure, making for an elegant addition to any interior.

Color me White Peg Table

This table flaunts the chicness of the high contrast duo of black and white with an all-white body and a svelte black tabletop. A modern take on classical elements with chic forms and modern finishes, the tabletop and base support are minimal expressions of vintage motifs and ornamentation, making for a cheerful addition to the room.

Fluted Lavender Table

A chic design in black and lavender, this peg table adds a splash of color and bold individuality to the décor. The simplicity of the form is enhanced by smart fluted details, adding a hint of mid-century to the contemporary allure of this table, making it a statement-furniture.

Fluted Black Table

This duo in black adds an indulgent vibe and bold individuality to the room. The simplicity of its form and careful fluted details is amplified by the power of black allure of glossy PU paint finishing, adding an exclusive touch to the decor.

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