Your phone at risk: Solve mobile hanging problem

In this technology driven era, we want to keep ourselves updated with all kinds of products. In this hustle bustle of time, you might feel a situation when you want to throw out your smartphone in order to compensate your frustration. But, throwing out won’t generate a solution. Here we are providing a quick solution that will keep your phone from getting hanged. Let’s take a sneak peek to the options available.

Delete unwanted apps

Apps occupy a lot of space on your phone’s memory.  It is better to remove the unwanted apps in order to solve the problem of phone hanging.

Keep installed apps in external memory

Keeping installed apps in phone memory can slow down your phone’s speed. Just transfer these apps from internal to external memory and get a smooth working phone.

Use external memory to save songs, videos and other files

Try to keep your files in external device as far as possible. Keeping songs, videos, documents, photos etc. will give your phone a space to breathe freely.

Clear Cache memorytelefono

Cache memory is a type of memory which is used to hold frequently used data whenever you surf your browser. These data needs to be clear out in order to boost up the working of your phone.

Keep your apps updated

Keep updating your apps because updation provides a better version to work upon. Latest versions of apps may be designed to consume lesser memory and power. So it’s better to be in the race.

Switch off your phone when needed

Switching off the phone will clear out unwanted junk and will automatically refresh your phone. As a result, the performance of your handset will improve in a better way. But, it doesn’t means that you continuously switch it off whenever the problem occurs.

Use cloud storage

Cloud storage provides a future platform to store your data. So don’t gamble up much data in your external memory as well. Just upload those files to cloud storage which you don’t use everyday and free yourself from the tension of phone hanging.

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