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Hindu Mythology is an important part of our culture. It plays a large role in the rituals followed in society, and seldom thinks it important to gain some knowledge of Hindu mythology or scripture but in today’s times most of the children are wasting their precious time over mobiles, TV or free play.



At the same time 12 years old, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Girl, Isha Majithia registered her name in India Book of Records 2018 edition as the youngest child in the country, who has done and exhibited a series of 35 paintings on a Hindu Scripture Sundarkand.

Isha began work on this project when she was 6 in October 2012 and completed it in March 2016. At the age of 10, Isha had presented her debut series in the world of arts. Isha has a great understanding of our cultural heritage and scriptures at a very young age.  Isha’s efforts of encapsulating the story of scripture Sundarkand, the fifth chapter of Ramayana, in a series of 35 paintings are noted as exceptional. The material she uses is acrylic colors, crayons, ink, and charcoal on paper.

This is country’s first project that pictorially depicts a scripture and is undertaken by a young girl. Her series was exhibited in the city in September 2016. A short documentary on the making of the project and on the same day a book was released which was based on Isha’s work.

The picture book conceptualized and compiled by the young artist’s mom, Mrs. Priya Adhyaru-Majithia has the original text of Sundarkand and its translation in three languages – Gujarati, Hindi, and English, interspersed with Isha’s paintings.

The objective of the project is to include children in the promotion, preservation, and propagation of our ancient holy texts- Added, Mrs. Priya Adhyaru-Majithia                                                                                                                                          

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