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Fashion or making a style statement is not simply about wearing an elegant wardrobe and flaunt the same. In fact, Fashion is an umbrella term has much more relevance. It is the only acceptable way of exploring with your look and dresses without looking weird.

What is the one thing that separates celebrity from the rest? Obviously, the answer to this question is about making a perfect style statement day in and day out – which celebrities do with much more sincerity and expertise. Color combination is the single most important element of women styling and every fashion designer ensures that their creations live up to it.

No matter the season, a wardrobe with an elegant and classic color combination looks perfect on everybody. The first thing that attracts our eyes is to view the entire garment in totality and this demands a proper color combination throughout the year.

An Ideal Color Combination

 Be it an office function or a genuine home event, an ideal color combination is all about donning three colors; primary, secondary and tertiary at the same time but in different amount. Primary colors include red, green, blue, etc. For making a flawless style statement you should wear a garment in which any of the primary colors hold maximum texture.

Secondary colors include violet, orange and others. The most straight forward way to an astute color combination is allowing your wardrobe to reflect all the colors in their respective portion. But primary colors should hold maximum space followed with the secondary and tertiary.

You can keep an elegant piece of handkerchief, belt, muffler, mantilla and bandanna in tertiary color to exhibit a wonderful color combination and flawless fashion statement as well.

In case you are in a hurry and don’t have much time, then you should choose neutral colors such as white, black, grey and others. These colors look good with almost any other colors. For example; a pink top with black denim or even a white top with a yellow skirt and so on. It also provides you with an additional option of wearing the attirein contrast colors that look absolutely magnificent.


Darker orange is paired with a mint green, makes this unexpected color combo work.

Fresh Combinations OF Flawless Light Color.

Combinations For Pops Of Colors : 

Red & Pink Fashion.



African Violet Fashion.


White Sheer Top With A High Waist Sheer Skirt With A Slit Follows A Brilliant Color Combo.




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