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WEST BENGAL:Kolkata,famous for various things

We all know about the west Bengal beauty and the list extends day by day if we keep briefing about the famous things there. We choose the best out of millions and these selective places, food and things are the tourist attraction.

  • FOOD- The type of food are in varieties mainly the Fish, Prawns including the sweet dish like Chomchom ,Sandesh, Rasmalai and rosogulla. If we talk about meals the plain dishes are their like dum aloo,luchi and dal including the began bhaja.


  • OCCASION- “Baroh mase thero porban” this line is famous for Bengal city and it is really amazing that this city is famous for celebrating a lot of festivals through out the year this line means in twelve months the thirteen festivals are celebrated. Durga puja,kali puja are most famous and rather then this Diwali &Sarswati puja are also celebrated.


  • CLOTHS- There are various dresses in the country and many cities are famous for their own identity dress but Bengal is mostly famous for taat and banarasi  sarees including the shaka pola and big bindis are always in trend for married women.


  • MARKET PRICE/TRAVEL- In everything the Kolkata is cheapest place to eat normal to jung food and you don’t have to be full of pocket Whether you shop or eat and travel anywhere it will not cost you much, it is affordable .apart from metro there is trum facility which is made in between the roads.


  • PLACES-  The famous visiting places in Bengal are Victoria Memorial, science-City Museum, Dakshineshwar Mandir and Kali Ghat Mandir and Howrah Bridge are the frequent visited places and tourist mostly go and spent time their.


Next time whenever you visit Bengal surely keep this things in your mind to explore and to experience the best this will enhance the memories and will keep the best out of the good.

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