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Wedding taking a Digital turn!


Indian weddings are big most of the time, with many events and a large number of participants. From entering in a helicopter to outfits, heavy enough that they weigh as much as the person themselves. People want to leave the best impression on their guests so they do every possible thing that makes the wedding memorable. So it’s not a surprise that the Big Fat Indian Wedding has been getting better in the use of high-tech over the time.


It all started years ago when people got introduced with the different matrimonial sites like, matchmaker etc. Many apps have been designed for the same site to make it even easier for its users.


People also contact different wedding planners which help them to create a themed wedding and can choose the theme on their website for free. It is a simple process where you get a new URL which can be shared with your friends and families. It offers a platform where you can upload pictures, people can sign up for notifications, it also shows maps which helps to find out the venue.

By creating your own web site, you can also send wedding invites to you relatives and friends online. It is indeed going digital with less paper work as compared to earlier days when wedding cards used to be in a printed version. Wedding planning companies helps the host to manage all the functions of the wedding.


Videography has also been taken to another level after the entry of the drone cameras. The results of the drone cameras are very impressive, and now people are realizing that they can have a bird’s-eye-view of the event. Although, drones cannot be used for shooting the whole wedding but it is used to give a high class wedding effect. In a high-profile wedding, they are mostly used as fancy stuff to surprise the guests.


Entertainment is also provided by the bride and the groom in the form of pre wedding video shot. In this particular thing, they display their love for each other and show a glimpse of their cute relationship with the help of a video clip which is very entertaining for the guests and the family members as well.


Live streaming of the wedding has given an easy and engaging platform to the people who are really close and are not able to attend it.

Media also plays an important role in turning the big fat Indian wedding to a digitally big fat Indian weeding by adding that x-factor of coverage. It provides publicity and can make a wedding go viral by showcasing it on their channel or the internet for the viewers. But, involving media is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is generally done for the people belonging to elite classes.

The tradition has not changed but the ways to follow them have changed, for example- the bride and the groom still do the ‘varmalla’ but now the stage is either revolving or is 20 feet above the ground. Weddings are getting improvised by the high tech used nowadays and there is no doubt that in the coming years, it is going to be more exciting and innovative.


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