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Assamese name their wedding ceremony as ‘Biya’. It has a pre wedding ceremony and a wedding ceremony. The pre wedding ceremony has ceremonies known as Juran Diya where the bride’s mother welcomes the groom. Then when have the Tel Diya and Pani Tola and Nuani followed respectively.

Then we have the wedding ceremony starting with the Daiyan Diya a procedure where the groom’s house sends curd to the bride’s place. Then they have the Nau Purush Shardha where they call upon the 6 six generations of the bride and 3 generations of the groom where they also sometimes call the souls of their ancestors to invite them to the auspicious occasion in total 9 people as in Nau purush. Then they have the ceremonial bath; the wedding reception. Arrival of the groom followed by the wedding ceremony.




In Kashmir the Kashmiri’s have their wedding a little different. First of all they match the bride and the groom’s horoscopes after which the wedding date is suggested by the bride’s parents. On consent with the groom’s parents the purohit fixes the wedding date.

Pre wedding rituals

  • Kasamdry or formal engagement

This is just a custom where the purohit formally fixes the wedding date. Both the families of the bride and the groom are present for this occasion. He fixes the date according to the Kashmiri calender.

  • Livun

A day is picked for livun. This is basically a day fixed for cleaning the house. It is not necessary that both the families have to do it on the same day at the same time.

  • Wanvun

After livun, during the period up to the marriage ceremony there is a sangeet session held in both the bride’s and the groom houses in the evenings.

  • Maenziraat

The maenziraat ceremony is conducted a week before the wedding. What in hindu custom we call ‘Mehendi’ it is known as maenziraat in Kashmiri custom. It involves decoration of the door of the respective houses of the groom and the bride and in the evening there is an elaborate bathing ritual for the bride.

Wedding ceremony

The wedding process is simple it begins with the exchange of nutmeg between the father of the bride and the father of the groom. The bride and the groom are fed nabad and a dwar puja is hld before going to the mandap for the wedding ceremony. Just like the hindu marriage there are seven pheras with mantras after which we have the good old vidaai ceremony where the bride leaves her maternal house to live with the groom in his place.



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