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Vertical garden a way to improve your Health

Get To know about the Verticle Gardening, Tips to Improve Your Health in the Polluted World. It Provides Better Surronding For One's Life.

Plants help reduce stress and are good for eyesight. Very few know that plants also improve the vastu of a place. We always want to have a garden at our home but it’s not always happening so, but hardcore gardening buffs have found a way around that – vertical garden. Green walls may be indoor or outside, free-standing or attached to an existing wall, and come in a great variety of sizes. These type of walls subsequently saw a rapid increase in its popularity. The vertical garden it’s not just for show, the beautiful greenery also has some unexpected benefits like – they promote deep breathing, bring the outdoor in as we are sitting in our garden outside, doing meditation does a lot of benefits. Vertical gardens are more adapted to the urban environment where the solution to treat polluted air, storm water, sound pollution and a lack of natural species needed. It gives a release from the future problems like overpopulation, overpricing and a lack of fossil energy can be solved by the green walls or vertical gardening.

Benefits of vertical gardening

  • It reduces the effect of urban heat, this reintroduction of vegetation through a different way promotes the natural cooling processes by photosynthesis.
  • Improves exterior air quality by lowering extreme summer temperature.
  • It reduces the temperature at wall’s surface by trapping a layer of air within the plant mass.
  • Also, helps lower the air temp around intake valves by circulating through less energy.
  • Promotes access to vegetation and have a great positive human impact.
  • It improves the beauty of the garden and enhances visual appeal.

Verticle Gardening for Good Health

If You want to have one such beautiful garden, here’s how to Create It

The creation of a living wall or a vertical garden requires a few things:

  1. Wall or railing (inside or out) for you hang your living garden
  2. Living wall panel cells (planter)
  3. Plants
  4. Creative Design
  5. Soil

 Step one – Decide a place where you want to make this garden, it can be inside or outside and quite fashionable.

Step two – Measure how big you want your garden, it’s possible to buy living panels or cells. They often come in 10 or 45 cells and depends on the garden size of your choice, you can multiply panels.

Step three – It’s important to choose the right plant and remember to look at the area you are going to hang them. Check the amount of sun that you are going to get, as it determines the type of plants suitable for.

Step four – Once you have chosen the plants, its best to plant them to the individual plant cells. Design your garden, and create them.

Step five – Add the soil and ensure you have filled all the openings. The planter will come with a mechanism to attach or hang easily to the wall. Remember, you can attach it to a wall or a railing. Then it’s ready to use.

The vertical garden is a unique indoor and outdoor garden with plants and its superior economy design saves space and water. With a flow through the irrigation system, when you water the top pot it waters all the lower pots, with no waste of water. However, plants need good care, and if watered properly, they require less maintenance. Due to its lightweight can be easily applied to exiting buildings.

Verticle Gardening

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