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Vegetarians! Be aware

It’s time to wake up and get aware about your eating habits especially if you are a vegetarian. With the on-going news of food adulteration now we have something that can raise your ears. Yes, you got me right! Because whatever you are eating, keeping in mind as a vegetarian food or snacks needs a reality check as it might contain ingredients that are made up of animal fats, animal oil, fish lurks, eggs etc. Here, we are listing some of the items which you really need to know.



Salad is considered as the healthiest food and you often order a unique salad item in a restaurant. But, very few of you take interest in knowing how it is being prepared. Have you ever thought that what makes a salad even more tastier?  It is the sauces that contain eggs. So, next time when you visit a restaurant try to get the ingredients especially if it is an imported one.



Party’s favourite beverage is what we call ‘alcohol’. A party remains incomplete without spilling a glass of wine. If you are a non-vegy then it’s completely fine but if you are a complete vegetarian then it might be an alarming sound because alcohol contains fish bladder so that it could get a ravishing color. So it’s better SAY NO TO ALCOHOL.



The yummy delicious cheese that results into mouth watering effect contains rennet, rennet is an enzyme derived from animal guts. Unfortunately, it is sad but true and might be heartbreaking news to many cheese lovers.



Naan is used as the best filler for a vegetarian dish but they too, are made of eggs while kneading the dough. Mixing of eggs make the bread softer and maintains the elasticity of item.

Potato chips


Many of you are unaware of the fact that your favourite potato chips especially those of barbecue flavored contain chicken or beef fat. In fact, India’s most loved chips ‘Lays’ also has an ingredient of chicken fat in its KC Masterpiece barbecue flavor.

Orange juice


Orange juices, best known for reducing bad cholesterol level has also somehow animal ingredient in the form of Omega-3s fatty acid. These acids are derived from fish lurks or sheep wools. So, from today onwards try to avoid juices having omega-3s or Lanolin content.

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