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Vegetarian Hacks

Having a little get together with your old friends and they’re vegetarians?  Not a problem.
Here are some fun hacks you could use for all the vegan parties.

1. Replace chicken with soya
this is the most common alternate for all the vegetarians out there. Do not hesitate in using soya instead of chicken in all the chicken recipes you know, put on some soya chunks on the skewers and make delicious bar-be-que or maybe cook a wholesome meal using this alternate.

2. Salads
Making egg and chicken salads is the easiest task while preparing a meal, but you can’t just serve some leaves and cut vegetables without a solid ingredient. Don’t worry and toss up some amazing vegan salads by adding noodles/pasta or pan fried cottage cheese to give your meal a side kick.

3. Soups
starting off with the meal soup always come first, add some mushrooms and corns in the same recipe and exclude the chicken and your homemade soup will win all the awards for the night.

4. Desserts
A meal always ends with sugar rush, if not the meal isn’t complete yet. Bake eggless by adding curd and bananas or whipped cream. Avoid eggs and have equally delicious sugar rush.

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