Tricks for the coolest house parties this year!

 Anything, but Cups
an idea to give your fellow mates the chance to be creative. Everyone who comes to the party will have to bring something that’s not a cup, as soon as they arrive the cups will be exchanged randomly and they have to drink in whatever they have the whole night. It maybe a Dog bowl or a table trash can.

Paint it!
Here painting doesn’t necessarily mean painting, but ask all of friends to wear white and get a marker and they are free to write on each other the whole time. Wait for their reactions when they recover from the hangover next morning and read.

Bend the gender

who doesn’t love hot pants and bikinis? But this time let these clothes roll over to men.
Have a theme of cross dressing and laugh your guts out each time a friend enters the party.

Seal the cell phones
DO NOT let anybody use their cell phones in the party and whoever does have to complete a dare.
In this age of social media freaks you’ll see people doing crazy things all night long just to check a text.

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