When it comes down to the things that make you look more appealing, men have set their mysterious standards to judge. While many of us don’t go out without wearing makeup to make a good first impression, there are several ways in which a guy can find you attractive and has nothing to do with your clothes but just with your attitude. Scientifically, researchers have found the theory behind men’s brains which will make them go up to a woman to talk to her. Scroll down if you’re curious to know!

  1. White teeth


A smile is the best accessory that a girl can carry to impress a man. Studies have found that pearl white teeth have a greater affect on attracting a man, than less even white teeth. This doesn’t mean you have to head on to a teeth whitening regime, but just flaunt that natural white smile.

  1. Less Makeup


Don’t underestimate the power of going ‘natural’ on your dates. Maybe, yeah a little mascara or a lipstick can do, but give up on wearing all that foundation and contour if you wish to impress your guy even more. Surveys showed that men prefer women with less makeup on, who look less “dolled up”.

  1. Prominent collar line


Men get attracted to bigger jugs is a total lie. It’s not the case with every guy. Many find a more prominent and attractive collar line that flaunts on a woman’s body to be more sensual than a pair of huge bosom.

  1. Red Lipstick


Men have an attraction towards this color on women, and many can’t conclude the correlation with the color. But it is true that a woman with a red lipstick has more chances to be asked out than a woman with a different shade on. So wear that shade with pride!

  1. Confidence


Nothing is more attractive to a man than a woman’s utter confidence. They find it highly charming in how a woman carries herself and how she talks in public. No short dress can out do an assured woman’s poise and conviction!

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