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Topstona- the surface of nature

To us, texture is a fundamental element of mother nature which bestows the emotions of expression and sensation to the environment and hence, needs to be added back into modern day living spaces.

Imbibing the essence and touch of waves of the ocean, the ripples in the skies to the rugged mountain terrains; Topstona creates tactile and textured brilliance in the form of beautiful wall coverings. The brand develops art and luxury out of industrial materials, through the unique and remarkable balance of man and machine. Outcome of which is magnificent stone claddings that are a product of this integrative collective collaboration between designers, artisans, engineers and architects.

Enthralling textural charm on plain walls, each natural stone is sourced locally from Rajasthan and transformed into enchanting three-dimensional pieces of art that speak a global language.
The wall claddings are distinguished into collections which focus on contemporary living and the old world charm.

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Neha Tyagi - Publisher at Glamour Mantra Magazine

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