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Everyone is busy in modifying their room designs and making them up to date. These are some tips which you can try to make your room more lavish and stylish according to your taste.

The first thing you need to do is don’t crowd your room with so much things in it, keep it less crowdie so that whatever you keep in your room is visible properly.

Next thing you need to focus on is best choice of paint colours. Choose the color wisely keeping in mind what design you want and color will suit it and to make it more attractive choose other furniture or accessory for the room in contrast to your wall color. If you have large room it doesn’t mean you need to cover every inch of the wall with photos other accessories, don’t overflow your shelves. Buy less things because quality matters not the quantity.

You want your room to be best because you need comfort and when we talk about comfort the first thing which should be considered is your bed and your couch. Opt comfortable couch and bed. Bu something which is comfortable and stylish. Then we have lighting issues a simple light is though needed but to make your room stylish add some other lighting also e.g. you can add small lights on fall sealing. Choose the  accessories knowing their durability that means how long it will survive.

These are some basic rules which you can apply in decorating your rooms.



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