Things you should never do while charging your smartphone

Smartphones have become the basic necessities of life. People can skip their one-time meal but they can’t afford to forget about their smartphones. I agree to the fact that smartphones are very important to connect with the outside world but meanwhile, you also need to take care of it especially the battery because the whole performa of the smartphones completely depends on its battery usage. We have jotted down some points that will help you to enhance your smartphone’s battery life.

Do not charge it with other chargers

The most common thing for degrading battery’s life is using charger other than your own. And this is the only cause why we heard about the news of phone blasts. So in case you are not getting your original charger then buy a new one having same output voltage and current rate.

Do not use local chargers

Avoid charging your smartphones from any local charger because they don’t have any system for protecting your phone from getting overcharged.

Remove the protective cover from phone while charging

Always remove the protective case from your mobile phone while charging. Because it generates more heat to the phone making it even hotter.

Do not leave it on charging mode at night

Overnight charging can destroy battery’s health. So never leave it on charging point for the whole night.

Charge your phone’s battery at least up to 80%

It is not necessary to charge your smartphone till it becomes fully charged. You can also leave it up when it becomes 80% (Minimum). Also, do not plug it in charging until and unless it reaches the level to 20%. Charging phone again and again can damage battery life so try to avoid it.

Do not use your smartphone while charging

Never ever use your phone when charging because using smartphones at that time raises the temperature of the cell. It not only affects the performance of the phone but also affects the performance of the battery as well.

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