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Mumbai recently witnessed the launch of The Taj Collection by Homes Furnishings
inspired by the Taj Mahal.

The collection was launched by Bollywood celebrities Gulshan Grover and Mughda Godse
along with Mr. Gurcharan and Gurvinder Singh of Homes Furnishings. The star-studded
ceremony was aptly held at the Taj Santacruz in Mumbai, with the stalwarts of the
interiors and architecture world also in attendance.

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With a touch of creativity, models and ushers were attired in designer outfits
uniquely made from the same exotic fabrics of the collection.
“The perseverance and passion of master craftsmen gave the world what has endured as
poetry in stone. Great thought and effort have gone into the detailing of this collection
as well. While it captures the essence of a classic era, it maintains contemporary
sensibilities with pleasing effect,” explained Mr. Gurvinder Singh, MD Homes Furnishings.

The collection, now available at leading furnishings stores, is a reflection of the
sheer detailing and intricateness that went into building of the Taj, over 350 years ago.
The Taj Collection is the brainchild of Homes Furnishings, which was launched by its
parent GM Fabrics in 2011. In a short time, Homes has earned a growing global reputation
and garnered an excellent response from connoisseurs of home decor. The brand has also
earned acclaim when showcased at domestic and international exhibitions.
GM Fabrics has itself been in the business since 1972 – its global footprint presently
extends to 25 countries. An output of over one million metres of fabric makes it one of
India’s largest vertically integrated mills.

The Taj Collection sits at the very pinnacle of GM Fabric’s design pyramid. Its fabric
spectrum includes Jacquard, Satin, Sheer, Velvet, Woven, Embroidery and Digital Print.
With ideas and motifs inspired by the Taj, it truly presents the perfect canvas for anyone
looking to transform their home into a contemporary classic.

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