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The spectacular yet surprising footwear you must have a look at

Apart from diamonds, footwear has been considered as a best friend of women , being high heels on the top priority.With seemingly endless option coming in trend every season, every year, the excitement gets more excited in each and every woman. Every woman is fond of making her closet full with footwear ranging from shoes to beautiful high heels  but have you ever wondered of buying heels that has heel made up of  a gun. so , here are some unique, cool, crazy, different and surprising high heels you must have a look at;A unique style of footwear that is surprising yet comfortable to wear . The fish cut design slippers is on number two on our list. Have you ever thought of such heels that are filled with water and fish?????? You have to believe your eyes. Get yourself ready to take an adventurous experience with these cool, crazy footwear.The weakness of a woman lies in the lipsticks shades but can you ever imagine of wearing a high heel made up of lipsticks design????? Let us take you to the world of high heels i bet you have never seen before. Here are some more cool, unique, exciting and thrilling footwear you cant take your eyes from



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sakshi gupta

sakshi gupta

An unsolved mystery. fashion reporter @ glamour mantra. Always welcome new things with warm hug. rather than focusing on other's flaws, focus on your deeds. Believe yourself , everything will flow in your way.

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