A substantial  experience, “Identity: The Road Less Travelled” has explored the central idea through aassemblage of experiences on February 25, 2016,  Kila, Seven Style Mile, Near QutubMinar, New Delhi.

The event has showcased speakers who shared their life experiences through which they regenerated their identity. Through the interactions, they aimed to inspire their target audience, which includes women from an expansive array of social and professional fields, who are lifelong learners, seeking to explore their identity and change mindsets in a rapidly evolving society. Each speaker had a crisp 15-20-minute segment.

The event showcased speakers who reflected on identity from their own unique perspective of gender, caste, religion and region. The speakers, artists and performers include



Author Rahul Pandita-min

Writer and reporter, Rahul Pandita, have talked about what identity means for a Kashmiri Pandit.

He is an award-winning journalist and author.Until recently, he was the Opinion and Special Stories editor of The Hindu, one of India’s leading English-language newspapers. He has reported extensively from various theaters of war, including Iraq and Sri Lanka. He is the author of three bestselling books: “Our Moon Has Blood Clots: A Memoir of a Lost Home in Kashmir”, “Hello, Bastar: The Untold Story of India’s Maoist Movement”.

Recipient of the International Red Cross Award for conflict reporting, he has been a speaker at many international forums and was a visiting fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI).

Rahul belongs to the minority Hindu community of Kashmir called Kashmiri Pandits who were forced into exile in 1990 in an act of ethnic cleansing. Through his work and advocacy of truth and reconciliation, he is aiming at bringing to justice the perpetrators of crimes against the Pandit community.



Author Diya Sethi

Divya shared her gritty tale of recovery in her first non-fiction work, a memoir titled, The Addict, A Life Recovered – on her struggle with anorexia-bulimia, while she travelled the globe as the daughter of a diplomat, and her unconventional recovery that challenges the tenets of conventional rehabilitation.’ Honest and gut-wrenching, yet ultimately heart-warming, this tale of fortitude and perseverance cannot but move and inspire you.



 Smile Living Vidya-min

Living Smile Vidya aka Smiley, founder of Panmai Theatre. Hospital Clown, Essay writer, Poet and self taught Sketch artist , Smiley is the first transwoman who fought to legally change her name and gender in her passport which was monumental in getting transgender’s recognition as the third sex. Smiley is also the first transwoman to have worked in a mainstream, private bank. Smiley is continuing to advocate for the rights of transwomen and transmen in particular for reservation quota for employment purposes..

She is the author of “I am Vidya” which is India’s first transgender autobiography and has also curated a story collection “MellaVilagumPanithirai”.

She was awarded “TharaiPullikkarar Charity’s Best Literature Award for her autobiography “NaanVidya” 2009”



 Speaker Ruma Roka-min

Ruma have showed how the deaf listen differently.With her deep passion she has impacted 4500 youth and facilitated employment for over 1100 trained youth in the formal industry.

In 2016 she  received the Times Now ‘Amazing Indian Award in the Educator of India category from Honorable Prime Minister NarendraModi.


Storyteller & Author Ameen Haque-min

A storyteller, story coach and consultant, AmeenHaque is the founder of The Story Wallahs – a company that trains people in the art of storytelling. No matter what you do, today’s world revolves around stories and Ameen has coached leaders, teachers and children alike to be powerful storytellers.



Mentalist Karan Singh-min

India’s leading psychological illusionist, Karan fuses Behavioural Psychology, Subconscious Suggestion, Hypnosis and Misdirection to create a unique brand of modern magic that involves mind reading. He has done over a 100 shows across the country and has performed for some of the greatest magicians like Derren Brown and Penn &Talyor.



Musician Vasudha Sharma-min

A talented songwriter-musician, Vasuda will melodiously present her take on Identity as she innovatively uses the Loop Station Technique which fuses beat boxing and live instrumentation.



Musician Shishani-min

A talented Singer-Songwriter with roots in Namibia and Belgium, she inhabits a musical space that is both unique to her and universally recognizable.Born at the intersection of cultures, her music has a thread of strong social consciousness running through it.


The event was attended by -: Princess UshaRaje, Begum Yaseen of Rampur, Princess ArchanaKumari, Designer Adil Ahmed, Princess Mriganka of Kashmir, Princess Chitrangada of Kashmir, Aparajita Jain, Mrs. Tara Bray (wife of UN Ambassador), Princess Bijou Singh, Anchor AmbicaAnand a name to few.



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