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The sensational Miss & Mrs India World – 2018



In today’s busy life, the housewives are not able to get away with the work of the house even if they think to be The women who want to make their own identity but they  suppressed their feelings because of not getting the right direction and platform.
Appreciating their emotions, the country’s leading event company Planet Group and Albat Lubricant have been working specifically to give such an identity to such women. In this sequence, organized a high level beauty contest (Miss & Mrs. India World -2018), through the audition, in which total 20 women were selected.
Apart from Delhi, women from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Guwahati Rajasthan participated in this competition.

Vikram Rao, director of Planet Group, told that the growing  crime against women should be put to rest in the country, and there should be a stringent  law for this. In this competition, along with beti Bachao, beta samjahao was also the main highlight, saying that the crime against girls and women can not be restrained until we make our sons realiase their responsibilites towards any girl . Vikram Rao said in stern words that whenever there is a crime, we blame the government. And by saying this, they flutter themselves saying that this government is not able to stop the crime but it’s not only the mistake of the government  but the values they inherit from their houses.

The same message has organized this competition to proceed. For the final contest, all the participants in their three separate examinations (Indian, Western, Gown) have their own best performance,
The special choreographer and model Kashish of Lucknow, special training for 3 days, was given to everyone in this competition, which could further improve their talent.
Talent rounds were also held in this competition in which contestants showed their talents through their dance , songs and acting.
All the participants worked hard at this beauty contest
Five judges of the jury were seen trying hard to make a preference list.
In answer to the question, Decisive finalized the priority order and declared the winner


Eventually the jury succeeded in making the right decision

In this competition, the jury was


  • Sangeeta Singh (Mrs India Universe – 2018)
  • Pawan kaishik Ji (Astrologer, Mumbai)
  • Smrity Singh (Mrs. Asia -2018)
  • Vikram Rao (Director/ Organizer)


Choreographer – Miss Kashish (Model).

Chief Guest     —  Divya Nathawat  (Bollywood Actress)


(Mrs.)……Gold Category (18yrs to 35yrs)

1          Winner                      –           Bhumika Singh (Jhansi)

2          1st Runner-UP           –           Sarik Shah (Nagpur)

3          2nd Runner-UP          –           Kajal (Allahabad)

4          Queen                        –           Shivani (Lucknow)              

5          Gorgeous                   –           Kavita Singh (Bhopal)


(Mrs.)……Platinum Category (35yrs to 50yrs)  

1          Winner                      –           Urmi Salve (Pune)

2          1st Runner-UP           –           Archana Srivastava (Agra)

3          2nd Runner-UP          –           Sangeeta Mishra (Lucknow)

4          Queen                        –           VijayLaxmi (Faizabad)

5          Gorgeous                   –           Purvi thorat (Delhi)



(Miss)…… Category

1          Winner                      –           Surakhsha Mishra (Lucknow)

3          1st  Runner-UP          –           Shreya Yaadav (Jaipur)                  

4          2nd Runner-UP          –           Shivani (Jaipur)                   

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