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The only way to reduce my stress is Yoga: Raima Sen

Raima sen is a big name in the Bengali film industry though she has also done many Hindi films. Born and brought up in the family of actors, Raima started her career in the year 1999 with a Hindi film ‘Godmother’. After that she appeared in various Benali, Telagu, Malyalam and Hindi films like- Parineeta, Manorama Six Feet Under, Teen Patti, Dhairyam, Veeraputhran, Monchara, Bastu Shaap, Baishe Srabon and many more. Read out the conversation between Jyoti and Raima.

Your day starts with?

I start with Apple cider natural Vinegar with water in the morning, half an hour later I take cold milk with turmeric and pepper. Then I have 2 boiled eggs when I do yoga. For lunch I take everything like rice, chicken/fish or whatever I want. At evening, I don’t eat snacks but if I want to eat something I go for puffed rice (Mudhi in Kolkata). For dinner I would like to have continental food.

What is your way to reduce stress?

I think it’s yoga. There are lots of pranayama and breathing session that helps me reducing stress. I also meditate every day for 10 minutes at least. I can’t do much but I think that’s very important.

What you do to maintain your beauty? untitled

I don’t do much because my parents are very much good in skin and hair. So we have just got it. But I use toner, face wash, UV protection every day when I go for swimming. I oil my hair once a week. I take massage once a week and steam & sauna. I also do hair spa once in two months.

What you do to overcome the situation when you are not feeling well?

Either I exercise or keep myself busy.

Your favourite food


What is your biggest fear?

It’s Red Wine because I drink a lot of red wine but I believe it’s good for health too because it burns fat. I take 1-2 glasses every evening.

What makes you happy?

Listening to music. When I am sitting in my car, I want to listen to music. So I never consider my car without music.

Your Favourite track?

Right now, it’s Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s track ‘Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai’. I like Sufi music because they are very soothing.

Your favourite holiday destination

London. Because I have lots of people there and it’s convenient too and I see home over there.

And in India?


Your favourite attire

Jeans and Shirt

Favourite colour

White and Black

What’s your dream role?

I would love to do a period-drama film something like Jodha Akhbar.

Have you ever thought of coming to the small screens?

Not yet. Right now I’m doing lots of Bengali and Hindi films. So, may be later but I haven’t thought about it for now.

What you do when you are not shooting for the film?

I listen to music, I watch Netflix, TV shows, I travel whenever I get a chance. I read a lot. I keep myself busy.

Your mother MoonMoon Sen is a great actress so what are the things you have learnt from your her?

She is my biggest critic. When she watches my films, she says my hair should have been like this or your makeup should have been like that. So, I always take her and she always advise me after the film but during the film I always depend on the director. For me, the director is the captain so I always listen to him and I don’t copy any film or copy anyone. Whatever the director wants I try and deliver my best to him.

raima_sen_1If you have to describe Raima in a sentence how would you describe yourself?

I am a little bit hippy at heart.

Have you ever been in a situation that you may find very difficult?

I think life itself is very difficult. It has many ups and downs as it’s not always smooth. You should learn to occupy yourself. Your mind is very important so read a book or travel to keep yourself busy and distracted.

Tell me something about your upcoming projects.

I have done a film called ‘3 Dev’ opposite Kunal Roy Kapoor. It’s a comedy film that deals with the story about Mahesh, Vishnu and Brahma. Then I did a film ‘Varanasi’. It’s about the Varanasi attack in Sankatmochan temple which took place in the year 2006. Then, I have a thriller film ‘Vodka Diaries’ with Kay Kay Menon and ‘I didn’t do it’ with Deepak Dobriyal in which I’m playing the character of a lawyer.

Before we end up with this conversation, can you give some fitness mantra to our readers?

I would say that try and meditate every day for 10 minutes. Exercise and look after yourself because health is more important than anything else in the world. And only if you are feeling good and healthy, you have won the most battle of your life.

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