The  Exotic Odyssey collection by Pooja Juneja

The exotic Odyssey is what  Pooja Juneja’s latest collection is all about. The collection summarizes the experience and reveals the story of beautiful journeys that always lingers in our thoughts and mind. Picked from different visions the collection speaks about the journey of mind and places which were peaceful yet cognitive , fearful yet challenging, transparent yet mysterious.She believes in creating simple yet elegant  premium fine jewellery that never goes out of style.

Like Exotic Vine neck piece which is inspired by Vine yard is modern hasli studded with subtle colored real pearls and diamond which is set in gold base. Other piece from the collection is pink innocence earrings inspired by foxglove flowers. For this piece Pooja says “Just out from the page of a fairy tale”, these elegant earrings derive their inspiration from  the Foxglove flower which is said to be used by fairies. The piece of jewellery does cast a spell just like the flowers. The elegant pair of earrings is made in pink sapphires, diamonds and south sea pearl, and is set in gold.

Inherited wilderness inspired by stepped well, the locket is a heritage piece studded with diamonds and emerald, set in gold with a strung filled with pearls and emeralds.


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