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the dashing and sizzling body with brain- Pritish Banerjee



A Delhi based boy who has been awarded and felicitated with the title of ” BODY WITH  BRAIN” and runner up in the ‘Mr. & Mrs. face of city is now a successful model in the industry. A person who has proved that if dedication and hardwork is with you , no one could stop you from achieving anything. Let’s be a part of his journey and learn something new from his hillarious hardwork and keen interest to achieve something.

1.Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model?

I have always had a keen interest in fashion, but never felt I was the right size or shape for typical modeling work. I was approached in my late teens by a talent scout and soon realized this was something I could pursue, as a full figure model. Receiving positive feedback from the small campaigns I have worked on, has inspired me to  continue this as a full-time career.”

2.what are your goals as a model?

i want to represent my country. & i want to work in bollywood.

3. What is your greatest strength as a model?

Mainly my greatest strength as a model is I believe in myself  and i  never lose my hopes . i always think positive for me..

4. What is your greatest weakness as a model and what are you doing to improve on it?

i transformed my every weakness to my strength. people consider fashion world to be a  bunch of crimes and i want to change that thinking 

5. How has been your journey from your comfort zone to become the iconic face?

it hasn’t started yet but with my hardwork i will definitely be the one

6. Body with brain , can you explain your title ?

having a great intellect and nice sense of humour with an amazing body is i guess what it meant.

7. What are your future plans set so far ?

i  want to be perfect in every thing like in modling, acting,dancing each n everything i want to be a perfect personality in my life and want to be  a role model for those who are strugglers in this industry.


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