On the eve of World Population Day, the Taxpayers Association of Bharat(TAXAB) has demanded to  make the two child policy into law. The Taxpayers Association of Bharat (TAXAB) kicked off its campaign for ‘Bharat4Population Law’ with a number of celebrities and sports stars endorsing its push for population control measures.

After two years of rigorous study and data mining, the group has come to the conclusion that everything that is adversely affecting out nation is  happening because of overpopulation. The groupwants to educate the common people about the damage and threats of over population, they believe his issue should not only be limited to the NGOs and government committees.

 President of TAXAB, Manu Gaur, told the press that his campaign fights for clean water, unpolluted air, and unadulterated food. Taxpayers are the country’s stakeholders, but no one gets the kind of food, water, health care, infrastructure that is their taxes worth.

The only way to save India is to enforce a two-child law

India stands at 1.34 billion or 134 crore people, and is slated to overtake China as the most populous country by 2050, reaching 1.7 billion.

Gaur  questioned the government’s national total fertility rate (TFR) — the average number of children that would be born alive to a woman during her lifetime if she were to pass through her childbearing years having births according to the current schedule of age-specific fertility rates — of 2.2. According to Gaur’s maths, the government’s claims that India’s fertility rates were decreasing because of successful population control measures did not add up.

In support of the movement, wrestler Geeta Phogat pledging to only have two children in support.

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